Scopley can you turn Estella into a 5* at least?

Estella was the first 4* shield and a pretty decent toon imo, but can y’all create a 5* version of her, or perhaps an ascendable version of her?

Keep on surviving and happy holidays


Red shield = :poop:


Lol come on man. :joy:

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Not going to happen. Scopely hates building up good characters and give them a chance to shine. Instant they create New Characters all the time :neutral_face:. It would even be a lot less effort, but it would make the Players happy. Would love a 6* Estella or 6* Oliver, Bridget, Valerie, Benji, Tony or even Darnell.


Her defensive stats are better than OG shield Garrett if I recall correctly, she’s already a five star :wink:

hell nah.
plus all epics are useless.


Idk about that one, but who knows anything is possible now that mods are available.hahaha


If you say so.

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Green heath and yellow Kate. Invaluable if you know how to use them


I always laugh when someone struggling on attack says but Kate is a 5*, then after another war full of fails they try her and see how amazing she is. I believe my faction mates exact comment was: I want Kate to have my babies she’s so amazing.
When people automatically turn down an idea based on oh she’s a 5* you realize they probably haven’t really put thot in to team building. Just throw together their best toons and hope to.get lucky. This works until…your in a full on revive stall meta

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I remember fighting a 6* team with her in it and I lost, so how is useless? If you put a 5* on the right team plus mods now they could have the power to at least have 6* tier 1 strength.

I want to see a 6 * Carol, and Lumperjack John

I will admit I have never used them.
I’ll get them and try them out.
I may be wrong about them.

Heath is up for 6k in the league score. Mod him for defense and give him a decent impair mod and he is great Vs Lydia teams.


Lol Lydia teams are annoying. I don’t think Heath has the power in him to destroy her unless he’s on a Carl team with revives I guess.

His rush is 56ap 85% buff to defense and attack and he’s a command that can hold a stun weapon. Can you honestly not see how that would be beneficial? And no, full on dual shield, triple revive Lydia teams.

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I didn’t know that. Lol

@VishnevyiSad is correct about her stats being above the 5 star red Garrett shield.

So she, indeed, is already better than a 5 star shield as she stands. Just mod her tf out with a defense/HP set and you’ll be A-OK.


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