Scopley can you please bring Onslaught back


Exactly… I have a feeling the majority of posters here don’t even play the game… they are just a bunch of pigeons… crapping everywhere in all the threads they can…


Agree with the OP. Think that the best match making system would be within the same league/division. My D2 faction got notorious last time so I know that’s not the way it works, but playing in your own league would be meaningful. A league-division war would be cool too instead of crw


Make it better by getting rid of it. Lol. Happy? :wink:


Any improvements to make it better would just end up in making it aow. I appreciate they tried to give us another game mode, but nah


Lol you’re hilarious.


Well it is coming back in a few hours time so will see if they have made any improvements


Why does it have to be instead of SR? That’s my favourite event!


My thoughts exactly!!! Pissed off beyond belief right now that I have to Suffer through this boring yawnslaught for ZERO rewards! Like really you ppl enjoy playing for nothing?!? The Only ppl who like this crap are the ppl who actually benefit while the rest of get nothing yeah that’s really fun🤦

Two days of playing for 600 league tokens is trash!

Wanna make it better? Get rid of it, problem solved. I’m not going to waste my time for zero milestones and zero placement rewards.
Only $¢opely would come up with such a cheap event where only 5% if that of the players get anything.


Onslaught sucks. Take it away and fire the person(s) who made it. How bout make a weekly set goal of zombies or humans event for just in your faction where the milestones reward gear and if your faction hits the max(no coins needed to reach it) from participation of your faction you get the gear you need to t3-t4 your 6*’s. Or mods or coins for premier pulls.

How bout that for an event that’s focused on faction participation and not a pissing contest in FA?


How is sr more fun than onslaught? Sr sucks bad since 6s only have to watch not blowing self up.


Wish granted uh trrrible event lol


They didn’t make the rewards better. :confused:


It’s seems to be the exact same?


Yeah. It is.


You tell em boss.


Trolls being trolls


Yeah I wanted them to have good rewards like the solo league, but instead they keep the same trophies reward that sucks. Im still playing tho because it helps get slightly more trophies you need. I want blue tara.


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