Scopley can you please bring Onslaught back

Please can you bring this back, but with better rewards, trophy milestones for both trophy coins, and perhaps create a system that matches players up with players of their grade levels. I think this would get players to like literally play again. One more thing, allow players to earn coins and ranks too. Coins really help motivate players to participate. Thanks

Keep on Enduring and Surviving


How is Scopely is suppose to do that? Seems to be something easily exploitable if its just a matter of team grade or age of player accounts.

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Idk, it was just a suggestion. :confused:

Dreams don’t count.

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Onslaught please to the museum


Um what?

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Lol my own private little in-house joke with the guy that created the ‘Carl please to the museum’ thread… Nvm :roll_eyes:


Okay lol. :rofl:

Not if you need to spend coins in the game mode to earn them.

Your team grade is now determinded by toons, weapons and mods, the game mashes up the best combo and creates the highest team grade, im an s9 now but the highest teams i can make are s8++.

Are you certain?

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the fact its been gone for awhile might mean they are working on it, so dont ask them to bring it back early let them take there time to actualy fix it, maybe then it wont be buggy when they do

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If had milestones and better loot drops it would be more appropriate and if they changed the timers on refills for hits it be very interesting game mode cause don’t need to have people que up Unlike war when the dead zone night shift ect ect

I enjoyed the reference…still makes me lol every time.

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Good job offering a suggestion. You are obviously someone that loves the game and wants to continue to playing but see how horrible it has become. Onslaught revamps would be great. Hopefully they are listening. :+1:

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Please God no. Onslaught suuuuucks

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It does… but players are trying to make it better.

Says it sucks but gives no advice how to make it better. You’re not helpful at all by saying this. Smh… :pensive:


Ya will want to be bored to tears again

I pretty much hate onslaught
But it was better than nothing
And we are having an event that was supposed to drop stuff from playing it

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