Scopley can we have another telltale/skybound games event

last episode is in March i think we should have one last one if you guys can possibly do it.

I think Lilly needs to become a 6* at very least.

Also, the blue Clem can be a 6* give the compound bow she has in broken toys.

I really want to see Willy, Ruby, and Minnie as playable characters. here is an idea.

Minnie- “Broken Toys” 6*
Trait: blue
Leader Skill: Does not have one
Specialist Skill: Hemorrhage or Lacerator
Special Weapon: Minnies Energized Crossbow: [ 15% Attack, 20% Defence, bonus 20% AP each wave ]
AR: Deal 700 maim damage to one enemy and cause 500 bleed to 2 other enemies for 2 turns
Active Skill: Defence up and bleed: rise defence by 50% for 2 turns and cause 400 bleed to 2 enemies

Willy: " Suffer the Children"
Trait: yellow:
Special Weapon: Willy’s Multalating Scissors[ 30% attack, large AP Bonus, Chance for 10% attack up when being attacked ]
Leader Skill: All Teammates get 40% attack and 40% defense against Green and Red; All yellow gain a large AP bonus
Specialist skill: doesn’t have one
AR: Deal 600% damage to one enemy and regain 50% Ap
Active Skill: Trait Advantage: Willy and one other teammate gain trait advantage for 2turns.

Ruby: “Suffer the Children”
Trait: Green.
Special Weapon: Ruby’s Jarring shovel [ 30% Defence, 15% Ap, Better chance to stun for 2-3turns]
Leader Skill: doesn’t have one
Specialist Skill: Indomitable
AR: Heal All teammates 50% of their health and recover impair; this character taunts and gains 15% bonus HP for 2 turns.
Active skill: AP gain and Taunt

Lilly: “Suffer the Children”
trait: blue
special weapon: Lilly’s delta Shotgun [ 30% Crit, 20% Attack, Chance to cause 300 bleed for 2 turns]
Leader skill: an improved version of her 5*
specialist skill doesn’t have one
AR: “strong hate” (get it ? because her 5* Ar is tough love ) All teammates gain 25%, HP for 2 turns and 30% Crit, Attack, and defense for 4 turns
Active Skill: Camo: think gator

Lilly: “Broken Toys”
Trait: Yellow
Special weapon: Lilly’s Cruel hunting knife[ 25% defense, 25% attack, a chance for landing 75% heal reduction]
Leader skill: doesn’t have one
Specialist Skill: Execution
AR: cause 30% defense down to a group of enemies and Deal 475% damage to a line of enemies
Active Skill: Attack up and Defence down:

Clem: “Broken Toys”
trait: Blue
Special Weapon: Clem’s Brutal Compound bow[ 30% HP, very large AP bonus when taking damage, chance to deal 200 maim damage]
Leader Skill: All teammates gain 40% Attack and Defence against range, they also get 24% crit.
Specialist Skill: doesn’t have one
AR: deal 400% Damage to one enemy and all those next to them. All teammates gain 20 bonus HP.
Active skill: Heal reduction: 100% Heal Reduction to 2 enemies for 3 turns.

James: “Broken Toys”
Trait: Green
Special Weapon: James Passive Tree branch[ 25% HP, 25% Defence, Heal a random team mate when defending]
leader skill: doesn’t have one
specialist skill: human shield.
AR: Revive one teammate with 25% health all team mates gain 30HP and increase this character’s defense by 100% for 2 turns.
Active Skill: Attack down and recover stun:

Of course Vi and Lew need new ones too.

Louis “Broken Toys”
Trait: green
Special Weapon: Nullifying Chairles [ 25% crit, 20% attacks, great chance to recover a status when attacking]
Leader skill: all Green and Blue teammates gain 40% defence and a Huge bonus to AP when attacking:
specialist skill doesn’t have;
AR: Recover all status and 45% health.
Active Skill: revive

Violet: "Broken Toys’
Trait: yellow
Special weapon: Vi’s adaptable meat clever[ large Ap bonus when attacking, meduim ap bonus when taking damage, better chance to change traits when attacking]
leader skill: All Yellow and Red gain 40% Defense and a huge bonus to ap whn attacking
specialist skill: doesn’t have one
AR: all team mates gain 30% attack and deal 3 attacks of 250 %
Active Skill: maim deal 700 maim damage to 2 enemies.

(Vi and Lew would be like Maggie and John choose one.))

please please one more telltale event scoply

Mitch, Assim, and Omar deserve one too but i think i covered them in another post same with Abel.


Well thought out.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Definitely some unique ideas and wouldn’t mind another telltale event. I always enjoy events that are no just a few hours of roadmaps…would love to see a real choose your side event.

choose your side story would make sense here as clem had to save vi or louis. so why not put that in to the game ?


I agree. I would love to see a real choose your side event…meaning not the one they just did

Logged in just to say this was a great post. I hope they do something in honor of the last season. Your idea was well structured and thought out. Maybe they will give us something similar! Here’s to hoping. lol

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Too well thought out so it will be instantly ignored and soon followed by the entire thread being del-eated. :wink:


Reminds me of something BOBULANCE Would make


It’s probably too late at this point but I’d still love to see more S2 characters added, if anything just Luke, Jane, and Carver


and Doug and the St. Johns from season one.

Yeah it’s kind of wild that Carley has an 6 star and Doug hasn’t even been added to the game lol Poor Doug

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Great ideas and well thought out. Only hope that the powers that be make it so.

I love the fact that James has a tree branch as a weapon

Scopely should start making more telltale characters instead of the 4th 6 star Rick. Maybe just make a crap ton of characters like Doug, the St. Johns and the stranger from S1, some characters from S2 (Jane, Luke, Carver) maybe David from ANF and S4 characters and release them all when ep 4 is released (it would also be cool if they added the current telltale six stars permenently to the loot pool and maybe made a 6 star strong Lee)


They could make a event like that for each season.
S1: Carley or Doug
S2: Kenny or Jane
S3: Ada? or Tripp?
S4: Violet or Louis

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we have a David but he was never any good

Is it possible to get him now or was he part of an event and you can’t get him?

Pretty sure David already has a 5 star (I just don’t think it’s possible to obtain him right now) but as someone that only plays because of the Telltale characters I would LOVE to see more of them added to the game

a new Carley would be cool red this time. Doug i don’t know

Jane would be yellow and Kenny likely Green

Ada seems like she would be red