Scopley a mods free specialist is needed immediately

With the new 5* Arms healing thing . Especially for yellows cards .
A new specialist is needed immediately scopley.
A specialist that disables mods effect on the enemies.
I am not gonna specify why , I already gives a clue here .
And I don’t want to see that defenses all over next CRW
And scopley I know that was your plan since day one so go ahead and make it fast.
It would be great if it will be a f2p .

Edit :
I Know infection was ment for this purpose, but I don’t think it will survive against a 50% healing each turn + the only infection toon right now is useless as a 6* with 3 turns . Not to mention that he is a p2w toon except for those who … you know what I mean .

I’m guessing you mean because 3 yellows on a team each with a 5star weapon that grants 10%hp per yellow will give 90%hp gain to 2 teammates a turn if it stacks right?

Dont give em complicated ideas please the game barely works right as is lol. And you know this toon you are imagining wouldn’t be ftp so it would widen the gap more.

I don’t think it’s supposed to stack. But then again, 30% Heal each turn on each of those three could still be a pain.

I hope they don’t stack. Can you imagine a 5 team green team with 350% attack base (100+the 250) without even taking leadership, buffs or mods into account?

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