Scopes, if you're not going to

Address the F2PvP2W power gap with these dual shield multi-revive teams, can you please for the love of everything good, extend/double the time of each battle!!

The time constraint is ridick in this current meta!!


i dont think i could take a raid/battle lasting 10 mins


Well, you could always flee, but some want to persist

that is also the answer to your initial question. you sell your car and buy an alice or someone similar / flee / or just play whack a mole

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Actually I’d be happy if there was a 3x speed in manual fight too.
It’s so annoying to wait and watch for animations, buffs, debuffs and other things.

EDIT: other games have this option…


yup and in war that can make the diff between you being alive or dead by the time you finish your hit


Adjust, learn to be faster. Even with f2p toons that’s possible


Its the little animations for all the mods like life steal, burn, bleed, etc plus the effects so if bleed is applied you have to watch them get hit then we have skills and those have always seemed to lag, now we have the enemy team seems to just stop and look at you sometimes for 10 seconds

It all adds up, i dont like to 3x auto as my toons like to use dumb ass skills like focus or ap gain when i need them to just attack so what i have been doing is auto when its enemys turn then reg when its my turn, this has cut down on time really nice

Time out teams is a strat and that would suck to have that removed but something needs to be done as with mods and the updates things have got worse like i said the enemy team just looks at you for awhile


The idea of these defence setup is to utilize the time advantage. Its a strategy.
This strategy is part of the new meta. These teams are called Timeout def teams.

You cant just request the developers to change the meta in your favor just because you are f2p or semi f2p. You either continue playing and enjoy the game or keep on surviving.

This is the same rules that applies in other games as well, meta meta meta (ie: hearthstone, mobile legends and many more)

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except those games dont really sell IWIN buttons like TWD does

You are very wrong. Do you know there are more than 70% of games out there in the market that has bigger “CLICK HERE TO WIN” than TWD RTS? Go research on google play - games section and read reviews. TWD RTS is one of them but it hasnt reach the extreme yet.

Up to this point, the dumbest thing in this game is the gacha promo wheel. The coding, the rational, the logic behind it is absurd. Funny how 85% of the players in this game spent most on promo wheels in which resulted in the highest possible failure.


i hear that. 3 years i have played for and never once have i pulled a premier toon when they have been on offer. Oh tell a lie actually i pulled red glen when he first came out lol

I still say Alice is an IWIN button, if your lucky enough to have her you can breeze though most teams. For legacy acsendables, here have a rose lol

Negative on Alice.

  1. How many people in this game gets Alice?
  2. Do you have the right setup with Alice?
  3. Are your mods and weapons up on par in an Alice setup?

So i totally disagree on Alice = IWIN


Most annoying s*** is waiting for the HP number to be displayed.


Faction mate killed every team in war in 18s with the right toons and alice

I dont have her im not that lucky in this game

Just take off all those stupid animations, or at least put an option to do so. Just put a status icon above their head if they have burn, bleed etc and I’ll be fine.

Prepare to get grilled for the next 3 days on this subject I wrote something similar awhile back

I wonder who’s responsible for all the revives :thinking:

Extending the raid time would be cool, maybe by 1-2 minutes.


I mean… take the recent Road Warrior event and the Scope Teams in the final three stages; those teams took time and strategy to manage and beat, and they were NOT armed to the gunnels with mods and ad/stun etc.

I see very similar player built teams which ARE modded and weaponised to the max, and I get 5min??? Once their fast AR pops with the revive chains or bonus HP, may as well flee to the next one.


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And that was them throwing us a bone without those toons being modded