Scopely's support at it's best 😊



Was that the whole conversation? Cause come on its kind of a great response.


ctrl+c ctrl+v


hmm no wonder support can’t move on to the more important issues sooner, because they have to sift through bullshit like jingle bells and people complaining.


Scopely is just getting worse as a whole with this QUALITY robot.


I have no idea. A faction member shared this with usπŸ˜‚


The Grinch reply? :sweat_smile:


Santas real name is Jose?



So damn true, so copy paste …at its finest…most likely a bot.


No wonder nothing is done here, because mods have to read troll comments like yours, that bring nothing to the subject.


oh shut the hell up. this thread isn’t meant to be read by the mods and it is not productive and it is a slam thread. so stuff it. btw, tired of being called a goddamn troll, so whenever I am called one, expect me to be rude.


#PlayerFirst attitude


Tired of being a troll by many people? Get a hint? No? Next time try to read between the lines - I will lay it down for you, since you don’t seem to understand - support of this game have been copy/pasting random messages to various topics - so this thread not only shows that in a big way, but also does in a hillarious way - by quoting popular christmas caroll. Now do you get it? Oh, and keep on surviving.


Their support is useless, I know a guy that goes from region to region gaining access to retired whale accounts and then selling them because he knows exactly how to dupe the chat support into handing him access.


Come on guys; be nice.

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Hey guys!

Let’s refrain from trolling, teasing, and insulting a group of people.

We don’t promote that here between each other – we shouldn’t promote it against our customer service representatives.

Thanks for understanding!

If you have an issue with support – feel free to PM me so I can look into it.