Scopely's reward to their players

I just wanna thank Scopely to reward me for playing since 3 years and being supposed to be a good player for having released trader. Really. Thank you scopely i know now that if a noob is rich enough to pay Trader i will lose against him even if he played since 3 days .

God bless scopely . Thanks for piss…g me off.

I really like this. I like being thanked for my loyalty .


Hmmm… I sense sarcasm.
Just a guess… I could be totally wrong.


Honestly I’m having a really bad time with reflect damage only. I’m easily eating a lot of Traders on this onslaught, but reflect damage mods have been a kick in the nuts.
If want a tip, you should spend all your efforts in a proper rampage weapon at least.

Thanks to Lilly he has not been an issue.

How so? Lilly deals maim damage that he can resist… and yeah, Lilly’s rush no longer deals the damage if resisted, it’s been fixed in 26.1

Mine still does if he is at 100% hp maybe I just get lucky maybe?

Or don’t have 26.1 yet?

Maybe I have not updated my game I wait until it does it for me.

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