Scopely's poor support on unacceptable behavior and death threats in game


I am posting this for a dear friend of mine that has been severely harassed by someone in our region and scopely has failed to do anything about it. They have been contacted by several people in my region that he has harassed, including myself. And the reply she got was just as good as if they had replied “keep on surviving.” To us, this is an all time low and a slap in the face for people who spend their hard earned money and dedication to this game. It is very unfair that we have to continue to endure his harassment after we have sent all of the 30+ screenshots to scopely of him sending death threats about her, the children & even her mother. And this is just

the ones to her. There are many more messages to many other women in our region. He seems to be a coward and only harasses the women. Do you think if someone would be sending scopely support employee’s death threats, they would continue to let this p.o.s play their game??? My guess is, Hell No. How would they like it if their wife, sister or mother had to deal with this on a daily basis! So why are we different?! I am infuriated at the lack of care or concern that they had for this situation. A game is supposed to be for enjoyment. You can’t expect for someone to enjoy a game when this keeps happening. I am not someone who ever talks on the forum or even for that matter global chat but, this is really disappointing to say the least and i felt there was no other options. This was a last resort to get them to do something about it after multiple attempts trying to contact them in a private personal fashion. I will post the messages on here so everyone can see what we have been dealing with for over a month, just because I raided someone and he wasn’t happy about it!



I agree, this should never be tolerated. The slow response on topics like this is outrageous. People get fired from their jobs for less.



Block button does wonders


Scopes be like… :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


It doesn’t save your half of pm’s on your side. So I can’t fault you for not providing it. But I have to say I feel like the other half of the conversation totally might change the perspective to an outsider.



Send @Kalishane a pm… she has taken care of issues like this before…



I’m not trying to victim blame or anything. I just like being presented all sides. He’s a dick. Clearly. And for that it deserves action.


Ok i have more but its a pain trying to upload. Im sire u get the point. Now i will post scopely replies.




Agree with Survivor on the point that it would be useful to know both sides before judging. HOWEVER that level of abuse is never excusable.

Also agree with person who suggested using block function.


Whenever you stop all contact with a internet bull, via blocking and not replying, they’ll get bored quick and stop…
If they find your personal info and pull up, thats what the 2nd amendment is for


She has blocked him and he keeps sending messages to everyone in her faction and posting things on global. And for some reason it keeps unblocking his global post.




What is even more annoying is that he has cause the whole region to not like him cause he harasses everyone and nobody wants him on their faction. So he is factionless due to his own actions bit hangs around just to harass people. Oddly enough his name is bull. @TheSurvivor I do understand your point also but this level of harassment is uncalled for in any circumstance and shouldn’t be allowed to continue on this game.


Just tell him 2 chew on his favorite food - dick lol :joy: what delusional person, that kinda weirdos cracks me up in game. Don’t let him upset you darling, that’s what he wants and your response, play it cool!!!