Scopely's New Game

Tomorrow Scopely will be releasing a new game:Star Trek Fleet Command. Will you be playing?How do you expect the game to go?Will it be just like RTS where Scopely doesn’t listen to the players and make the game completely pay to win?

Im not gona play another p2w game.


I would never sign up for another scopay


I just read “monetization to make progress” in an article about the game and that was enough.


Star Trek? What’s that

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I know nothing about the game but I do like Star Trek but I also know what to expect from them so I won’t be touching that game with a 10 foot pole even if it turns out to be good.

Shame but that’s what happens when you set the bar so low on customer experience, by keeping players in the dark so they have to resort to a hacking site for basic information, and no ability to find a way to be profitable yet still maintain a balance between the f2p and p2w.

Is it ever too late to change? Nope. Will they ever change? Nope.


I will be playing it.

Not playing it. Mainly because it’s made by this company but also cause I know nothing about Star Trek.


It’s already out… already tried it… already uninstalled. As much as I like star trek and that it is infact the best mobile star trek game… I’ll stick to twd thx…

No time for more games

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I’ll never play another mobile game due to the addiction this game has caused :joy::joy::joy:

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I looked at it, it looks dumb af no thanks

My dude, I presend you. Trexels2!

Way more fun than any other game scopely can make!

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will take a look but I think after my experience with this one I am done with mobile gaming (assuming that it is a mobile game). I much prefer the $60 gaming model or even better wait a year and pick up the GOTY for $30 w/ all the dlc.

update - I just took a look. It’s a Star Trek game. It does look cool. Might fart around with it. :grin:

Yeah, gonna tell you not to ditch mobile games as a whole. Just ditch the ONLINE mobile games.

Finding good offline games is hard stuff. Most single player games that require internet aren’t that bad either.

Highly recomend you watch some youtube videos to find good mobile games. But, yeah. Personally. The games on mobile that are about “level up your city, contruct great buildings, face other players” are a big no no. Would of give more recommendations but pretty sure Scopely will turn it down because it will be “propaganda” on their page(yes I know I did some by telling you about Trexels2 but that game is better than Scopely’s will ever be)

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Meh… JJ Trek.

No, Sir I will not be playing another game run by them. I mean I don’t even really want to play this one anymore let alone a new one. Rn the only thing keeping me is the amount of money I wasted on it in the beginning and the ppl. I don’t need or want another bugged out glitchy :dollar: grab mess of a game. Why would I want to subject myself to another game with absolutely Zero Balance between the p2p and f2p players, Really Overpowered p2p toons, Really Underpowered f2p toons, no gear to speak of, nothing but Endless grinding only to go nowhere, Bombardment of Endless crappy events with Trash Rewards that aren’t worth the effort, Heavily Lopsided in p2p favor War & Raid matchmaking, lack of f2p events and collections on top of Bugs & Glitches that are never fixed. Rhetorical question, I wouldn’t :smile:


Not a chance.

3yrs in development?

Also… If these jokers are the Netflix of games… How come they haven’t even recommended it to their current base?

Netflix never misses a chance to cross-promote their stuff… Must be a real stinker

i will never trust scopley again … no thanks