Scopely's love for ranged teams

With the release of yet another overpowered ranged s-class character, is there any hope for us melee team users? Scopely has, to date, released a total of 17 s class characters, 12 being ranged and 5 being melee. To make matters worse, the top tier s classes are almost exclusively ranged. Ranged have the likes of Pete, Priya, Princess, and now Frost, a blue human shield (looking forward to the endless impairs). How will melee teams stop these teams? With 86 ap rush laopo?
Not to mention that ranged have several s class leaders, ranging from attack, defensive, and controlling whereas melee have one defensive lead.
Scopely needs to calm their obsession for ranged toons and finally begin to work on balancing their game. Maybe then less players will stop retiring from the game due to no hope of scopely ever improving their product.

Release more melee s classes. Why is it that ranged users have been getting all of the love


Frost is not OP


Not sure what s classes you currently have but if you’re focusing on melee ones than Hengyen and Aarav should make quick work of Frost or any other blue s classes really

You fight against him?

People that complain about toons being OP need to try harder at team building, I’ve yet to see a toon that doesn’t have a counter to it.

Green could definitely use a damage dealer no doubt about that. It is a little bizarre all the powerful strong releases there have been.

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Aarav can one-shot any ranged S class first turn, apart from Pete and sometimes Kapoor (Kapoor just prolongs a fight). So it really isn’t an issue.

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I dont know why, but my gut feeling says marlon and rosie might be the priya like lead we’ve been asking for. But I’ve got no proof on that, so take it with a mountain of salt.

Nonono, you always say that new promo toons are OP, just so Scopely doesn’t feel the need to ante up next week lol


Aarav is already very powerful. On the right strategy he can rush 3 times! But I agree, the melee players need more options. Strong Clementine and Marlon are coming soon.

For anyone wondering, I have all 5 s class melee toons and pete. I’m good at team building. It doesnt change the fact scopely loves their ranged teams. And aarav isnt going to do much against a 10k defense frost lol. I want more variety in the melee side.

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10k attack on Aarav yo and defense down, should make frosty melt.

Ranged are the bomb. Lol. Every toon that’s out is either red or blue. And I just got alert Jesus and Madison from elite tokens. They’ll fit quite nicely. But I know what your saying. I’ve not seen many strong/ fast teams that impress lately with the exception of one purely 6* strong Carl, solange, Bruce team that gives me a major headache in raids. But I can beat them. Just dread seeing that team. Anywho, they did give out James who is strong, Bruce was in leagues, Miora, and we are seeing more available strong fast toons. Maybe the meta will shift next year sometime. Lol. Idk. Good luck though! Wish they’d put that Carl in league store. Id give 25k for him. He seems to be wicked. Lol

Or a mod to give a counter lol

How about you learn to love range, why the game has to mold to you, not the other way around?

Game goes in cycles. Now that they’re pushing blue so hard, yellow should be next, and green after that.

Kapoor has shitty atk. But dexterity, hp and def mods beef him up.

Why do some players bracket themselves as melee or ranged? That’s giving yourself a serious handicap in a game that already throws out serious handicaps.
I’d say of my best toons, it leans towards melee, but for that exact reason I look to level up and aquire ranged toons so that I’m not at a disadvantage, and with the shard system you can do that more easily than ever now.

Don’t get me wrong - I do agree that there needs to be more green and yellow Sclass, and we need an attack (note I mean boosts attack) Sclass lead that affects melee toons, even if it’s a 1ranged-1melee lead as the only toons that can get an attack boost from an Sclass lead atm are blues and reds from Priya.

All can be cancelled by Arrav

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Yep. Quick princess AS or confuse him. Is very easy to take down