Scopely's Looney Tunes: World Of Mayhem


" Mobile game “Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem,” slated to be released this fall, will bring together more 70 characters from WB’s Looney Tunes franchise to wage prank-combat and cause other mischief. In the role-playing game, users collect and battle with characters that have ridiculous, unique abilities to fight against each other in different game modes. Players also can build personalized “Toon Towns” in the app".

" “Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem” is available for pre-registration on Google Play], and will be available as a free download on both iOS and Android this fall. The free-to-play game will include in-app purchases, which is a typical industry model".


Well spotted! :rabbit:


Stay away looks like another RTS game


so I formatted my cell phone and lost my google play account that had the beta now I created a new google play account and I’m not in the beta of my incompatible data error game help me


If this one dies like rumored i’m on to the next one


“In this game, players can collect and level-up”

level up events already on deck!


Looks cool and I grew up watching the Looney Tunes. Might check it out but definitely not looking forward to having to deal with more of scopes ng.

Think it’s gonna cost $100 for a shot at Bugs Bunny? I hope not it seems geared more towards kids.


I wonder how many fails i’ma get for stun on Marvin the Martian’s gun :thinking:


Gotta get those kids hooked on the gambling / pay 2 win model ASAP.


“We have removed Taz’s spin. He is now working as intended.”


I’ll do a 40 pull when this game launches




“Fixed an issue where Bugs would take the right turn at Albuquerque”


Wow this game skipped right to 7* characters lol


Yes, so they can add 10* characters later


Is this the new game from scopely? Lol I will neeever try another game of this company. Sry too much bad experience


but you will stay on the forums lol


sure and i will continue playing RTS because too much money/effort spend. but not another game of scopely, sry


Where else can we complain endlessly though?


I bet there will be wars.