Scopely's giving

Remember to claim it quickly


I think i got blue mittens instead of greens :thinking:

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it clearly a bug make a rollback


Got green but rather had blue. Wanna trade?

Someone at Scopley realised the maths doesn’t work on their “mittens” distribution. Three events wouldn’t give enough because they did Yawnslaught instead of a solo SR.

This still leaves everyone pretty much f*cked because the only chance to get any others is the weekend faction event. Shame that one can is nowhere near enough to hit Elite.

And that’s assuming you got to Elite two weekends ago

I’ll take it back to the team
everyone who redeems it will be kicked from the game

That’s odd. I didn’t get it.

What country you’re from? What was your green mittens count before? Have you purchased anything lately?

I was really surprised by this free offer, as they usually seek every chance to squeeze some coins out of us.
But still, I gotta say this was a good move. Someone at scoply did a good thing :+1:t3:

Seemed to have upset people lol geez

Yay thanks for the gloves scopely, hope this doesnt upset everyone

You’re welcome.



ended up with green mittens, wasnt excited. knox just doesnt do it for me

In the offers. I am from Singapore. And I have 5000 before this. Now at 7500.

De-lete de-lete

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