Scopely's Employee of the Day goes to


The Janitor?


I know for sure its not going to JB, the testers or those amazing developers.

Aaaaaa you think this is a flopp no no sir because of the “mistake” on purpose with gear this has been a success do you think as many people would joined the 1st day other wise. Pie charts and spread sheets say the numbers are good… Some1s getting a pay rise.

Why not? He get’s fuck up after fuck up to try and calm on the forums and only a handful of vague and enraging statements to use. And he becomes the entire focal point of everyone’s anger when it’s the developers or other employees who fucked up

It’s like being told your job is to clean up after a hurricane and just being given a set of wet wipes and a box of chocolates.


Agreed JB has done outstanding work, and kept calm under pressure the whole time.

He’s not the one behind the recent mistakes.

Sure but he failed to communicate with others regarding Survivor’s Club. He may not have known many answers to many of the questions, but it doesn’t hurt to say something like “Sorry, but I don’t have an answer for that yet”.


Very true!




You can’t seriously think JB has done a good job from the point where he teased the “free” shield coming soon to this very day. The community is constantly being left in the dark and tons of questions are being ignored. Meanwhile he’s answering or dealing with all sorts of dumb, repetitive questions, suggestions and what not.

The tease is flat out wrong - it actually costs $75+, which isn’t too bad, but not quite “free” as his tease made it up to be. Lies like those make people lose faith in their community manager.

Isn’t the point of a community manager to be the one person the community can reach out to for issues similar to this? Just because it happens to be issues he can’t resolve, doesn’t mean he can’t do more.

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Then you need to change work. Simple solution. Once i did not want to watch how they load turkeys on the trailer of a truck. It was so brutal so quit it. We all have choices with who we want be associate

I don’t say he’s done a good job. But he’s not the bad guy here. It’s pretty clear he can’t talk openly and probably has a team of lawyers that each response here needs to be approved by. Having a go at JB is the proverbial shooting the messenger.

Indeed. Funny that most CM’s don’t seem to last…

Why is the word s pending censored lol

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