Scopely's change of direction

For many months Scopely had been progressing in the right direction, listening to players and generally trying to keep the player base happy. Bringing out new features that benefitted all. Paying attention to trainer and gear shortages. I have been a long term critic of the company but even I had to hold my hands up and say they were doing a significantly better job.

However the last few weeks it appears they have gone back to their old selves.
-Taking away the ability to farm gloves and shirts
-Releasing incredibly bugged features
-Bringing out new features with prizes that are completely out of date (war depot)
-Taking away a feature then bringing it back with hugely nerfed rewards (hordes)
-Focussing to an utterly unbalanced extent on pay to participate events.
-Releasing a large number of toons that completely unbalance the meta.
-(Edit: Added on C.Js suggestion) Trolling the playerbase by giving Kal as the anniversary toon.

Has there been a change in management of this particular game @TayTron? Has an old manager come back after a 6 month move to take Scopely’s attitude back to where it was before? Completely not caring about customer retention.

You had been doing so well, why go back to the old ways?


Only thing missing is few gates and then scoply will attain perfection :slightly_smiling_face:


Only thing missing actually is players playing this game… in this spect scop is doing a great job…pretty soon theirs slogan will change from “keep surviving” to “please come back”


Well said …

They were doing well during the pandemic, i would surmise that the high ups stayed home to remain safe whilst the real devs worked on the game and made it better … now theyre returning


This seems completely logic.

Hence I propose we all go out without masks and spread the pandemic again so that this game remains managed by devs, not by high ups turds in tux !


Thought the same thing said it a few times. Always felt that the marketing team had more say than developers. Meet a quota x and y amount sales.

Back to main thread…
Have felt the same about the game and improvements even say the game being enjoyable again id go as far to even say fun. But the on set of s’class shards going on sale has left a bad taste in my mouth putting crap ones in 1st to test the water (shiva not crap i hear ya but compared to beta or lui) feels like another reset is coming soft or hard?? . Battle pass being everything survivor club should have been. Most events have been pretty good over load on levelups but hey some like it to. Enough movement on collections to give hope to players.
Maybe its scopleys track record but it does seem back to business as usual.


Excellent points @CLIFTON87 :+1:t2:

Can we add teasing us with “anniversary box” and giving us Kal to this list?
Nobody really used him when he first came out, he’s just as useless now as he was then, even to new players and they’ve clearly forgotten about all the complaints that almost everyone pulled multiple Kals from a war wheel. It’s like they deliberately picked an awful toon. Then didn’t even bother to put him in a box :laughing:

I also had to hold my hands up and admit that they were doing a good job listening to feedback and giving us some pretty good events. But they’re screwing all that good work up and I’d love to know why, not that they’ll ever admit it.


Kal troll is another kick in the balls

Pancakes event was funny, Kal is just bad taste


Honestly, my main complaint is arenas. Specifically the draft arena. It is horrible most of the characters are outdated and to be honest it’s not fun.


I have promos and new toons in my draft arena…

But yeah Cliff, everything you said.

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The newest one and the one I just finished was either storm… No it was storm.

I always seem to get mostly support or defensive toons that do very little damage. So it either takes way too many turns to end it or I lose. I really dislike draft arena.

How is it fair or fun to have to use awful toons with no leader skill and crappy bound weapons against fully functional normal defenses?


Good point on the Kal, added to OP

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Now that’s an interesting point - good realisation if that’s what’s brought them back to the old Scope way.

I saw everyone after him but marcus, beta and jobe. Weird. I played a few games though. I dont think I saw willie though. Noor popped up a lot.

Yeah I wouldn’t like it much either if I didn’t get to play new toons lol

Bravo :100:

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Agree 100%, both the growing scepticism over the years of play, slowly giving way to hope and recent appreciation of true improvements and the latest degradation again…

As for draft arena, I did like it in the past, when there was just some 20 S-class and you usually had just 2-3 to pick from each selection you’ve been given, rest was regular 6* that ranged from mildly to very useful.

The recent draft arena is forcing on you 6 S-class with bound weapons and a tool kit ill-suited for quick rush or big damage… you’d have to use 8-9 tickets to pick 5 decent toons for a viable team - but never actually within the same entry. :confused:

Im like get 1000 cards for S class, get Kal in this era…uselees toon in S era.

Kal was usless in all eras