Scopelys biggest broken promise

You promised that you have heard the players and you will work with us. I guess in a way that’s not really a broken promise because you heard the comments about Jessie and decided to take action.

You have chosen not to hear the comments about the ever widening gap between ftp and p2w. Just look at the recent characters that have been released. How can anyone take an honest look at them and say that you care about what is probably the biggest complaint in the game right now. After seeing how fast you can make changes to a character I just don’t understand why you released Romanov the way you did when people had legitimate concerns about him. Then you follow up with Sergio? I seriously doubt anyone asked for RNG built into rushes and active skills.

It honestly just doesn’t seem like you are taking the request of the players seriously. Quit throwing out less than mediocre stuff to ftp just so u can mark that off your list of promises and say, well we gave it to you so stop complaining. That honestly seems like that’s what you’re doing.

Many, many players are calling and needing Romanov to be buffed especially since he was the first released legacy after u promised to hear us. He is legitimately worse than toons that we’re released 1.5 years ago. We have now seen it’s not so difficult for this to happen.

Please work on closing the gap between ftp and p2w. Your flagship event (war) has become so boring for ftp because we can’t even attack a bought defense anymore.



I seem to remember far more threads and comments about Romanov, Jackson and Leon being underpowered than I saw about Jessie. Not saying there weren’t a fair few about Jessie but there were more about the others.
But they were F2P toons, as is Sergio. Scopely are showing their true colours once again… Whilst the promises thread is still pinned at the top.
Absolute joke of a company.



This is how we think scopely is right now … but theyre not, they be chillin’ working on other titles waiting for this to finish


these 4 years become data on how to manipulate sales towards compulsive people put towards the next game they can continue.

I wonder if we started a conversation with some well known investors letting them know about the predatory company they placed money in.
I would wager we would see changes if they were to pull some money.


I’d like anyone of you player United folks to show me a business model where people who get stuff for free get the same thing as people who pay the bills. I’ll wait…


This model was used in the first 2 years of the game… And it worked perfectly…
P.S. And do not make the players laugh this nonsense “I’m waiting”, “come up and lay out”, “prove”… :smile::v:


Tonnes of board games / apps where you can buy customized outfits, interfaces, models, etc. (Fortnite)

How about players club rooms at casinos, where you get to face the top gamblers!

Now my turn… tell me what’s the most fun game where you have to pay to beat people?


Nobody is asking for the same quality. Just something that will allow us to compete


While I agree that people could compete with free to play for the first couple of years the people who spent one still. It’s the same scenario. And sure you get to going to players clubs go try to pull that slot machine with one of your players united dollar bills. In my business I give away one month of rent free on a storage unit but not without paying for one month upfront. If I could give away free months how would I pay my bills? They bring people in for the free stuff because they spend to get the good stuff.

And forgive my typing which I’m so sure some of you will capitalize on but after my cornea transplant didn’t take I have to wait for another one. Had to pay for that as well even though it didn’t work.

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Maybe then its better to sell the game on Play Market, Amazon, etc. :thinking:

It’s ironic that you say that seeing as it does say that there is stuff for sale on the game when you download it.

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Is not about to have the same things, but at least don’t have a large difference between spenders and non spenders


I do not disagree with that, however most of the posts are about what they can get what they haven’t got and what they need to get.

The constant bellyaching over and over about the same thing every day is not working. You all brought this group together to make a difference but you have to give that difference a chance to work. Most places have a roadmap and they let stuff out at certain times. There is an application for the player council now and maybe it’s time that they are starting to move forward.

Most of us have enjoyed this game for a lot of years with at Buggs and it’s hiccups. But the gang mentality doesn’t get you anywhere. Telling people what they are going to do doesn’t work. Instead of constantly complaining about the same thing in 50 different posts. People have the right to be upset but sometimes it is way out of line. As a business owner it’s a different look

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Thats where you and many miss the boat by a mile…

This and no other mobile game can exsist with out either spenders or f2p. You need both.

  1. Many need to understand logging on and being a daily dedicated player is not free. Or do you go to work for free too? Time is an investment and equates to massive value. Time is not free. So many folks need to adjust their idea of what “free” actually is.

  2. Spending in games used to be about skipping the lines so to speak. Having extras etc… Spending never used to be about having basically cheat codes to automatically win. Ive never in my life found anytjing i can just auto as enjoyment of any kind.

  3. Games of any type of competition are supposed to be about that… Competing. But we live in a sorry ass generation that folks need to win by either hacking or buying Ws.

  4. Plenty of games have proved to be highly effective in making large profits without giving spenders automatic wins… Might be hard for many to wrap their addicted minds around but many games dont cater this crazily towards spenders in regards to what an insane gap of power there is.

So should spending money entitle to you to some things … Absolutely, i get what some are trying to say however, this whole you should be unbeatable bc you spend whatever you spend is complete nonsense


great post btw…

and im glad you are helping

In Play Market, the game is “designated” as - “Contains paid content”, although, in truth, it would be worth writing that - “The paid game contains free content”… :upside_down_face:

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I do not totally disagree with you boogie. However when I play games on PC I have the best video card the best keyboard the best mouse in the best monitor. When I play games on the PlayStation are use a monitor but the faster refresh rate and a scuff controller. There’s no such thing as equal ground. I do not agree that road to survival is a good model it is not. Contest of champions is much better but that is also a lot larger company that can sustain giving people more stuff there’s no such thing as equal ground. While I do not believe but this game is a good representation of a competitive game it has become just that. And the players that spend a large amount has set a precedent that the company has been learn to depend on. The main thing here is that is just a game and if people are so unhappy there are other games that you can grind and get everything for free. Will freeze in cash but not freezing time because I do agree With that also.


Sorry some of that did not make sense. I do not believe this game is a good competitive model.