Scopelys answer to the growing divide

#playersunited seemed pretty clear with the disgust between p2p and f2p… Scopely proceeds to release arenas with endurance mode which is essentially p2p. Nothing like a little spit in the face


i mean , i highly doubt the people who were complaining about domination will be the same people complaining about endurance . Actually I’m pretty sure the sides will switch

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lol I just complain about arena in total in this current form tbh :wink:

Yes it could be fun but not near fun enough to be behind a paywall fun for me. I’d rather watch the trains go by at a remote train station than throw money at this. And since it’s the only way to use the “nice new” upgrade feature - guess no upgrades for me either


Wait until u c the next promo toon

You dont have to do endurance mode if you dont like it…Do draft it’s fair that way…

The whole arena oncept needs to be fixed period. They should pull it down after this week and really think about it before continuing to give out rings. @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @TayTron


And of course they changed 5 star only to the whale mode.

You realize draft was scored endurance style correct? It is essentially a contest to see who will spend the most coins - pathetic in my eyes. Could have been a cool feature especially with draft… BUT true to form scopely can’t make it an event where skill or grind are rewarded… Gotta have that :pancakes: :moneybag:

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I sort of agree, but I really enjoy the feature. It’s like raiding, only it’s fun - it’s actually varied and not just a stupid grind, because you get four attacks and it’s done. Spending is so not worth it that it’s just not an option, so I really need to do the best on those four attacks. Quality not quantity. It’s a nice look for RTS I think.


Except that it wasn’t?

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They should drop it. For good.
This will push more and more players out the door. People fail to realize how this will widen the gap.

Imagine a S Class Pete with all the rings after this first arena event? Imagine how many f2p will be able to counter that.

Don’t get me started on Priya. She will insta nuke 3 characters regardless of trait.

Well done, Scopes.

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I really don’t see the fun in it. 4 hits a day isn’t that exciting. This will just be an event where you hoarde tickets for one awesome day, while the rest of the days suck.

Correction. 5 hits now apparently.


Maybe the reason for adding this feature is that the game is no longer even in the top 100 grossing for games on Google store.

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But you have to play since it affects League standing quite drastically.

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Areanas was meant to keep the weak weak and the strong strong no helping the middle man.


It will benefit slackers in the lower leagues though. Winning an arena in platinum gets you same rings as getting 3rd in diamond.

There are p13s in platinum top in my league are spenders, like literally there are negan wayland, zack teams in platinum 2…so basically the slacking spenders.


Exactly. Reward structure is completely messed up. Fixing reward structure will fix the game

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I would perfer they focus on the stability of the core game before adding in new facets.

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I think something like this is the most fair reward system. People / factions in higher leagues get better rewards than those in lower leagues. Tournaments will be league based. If I’m happy to be in Platinum, I can’t expect to get better rewards than someone who is in Diamond. Everyone will find a balance where they can enjoy the game. If you want easy win and drop to lower division, you will get worse rewards.

In RTS people in dead regions get same rewards as those of high active regions. So what’s the incentive of moving to a high activity region? What’s the incentive to grind in Diamond league? Tournament rewards are bad and rewards from leagues are worse. They’re basically rewarding inactivity.

  • Score 5k in CRW will get you same reward as someone who score 500k
  • Get more coins by constantly being in a less active league than one where you risk to get demoted
  • Higher chance to get better rewards in a lower ranked league than a higher one

Unless this is changed the is no way to fix the game.

Guaranteed coins.

But I get what you’re saying.
The problem is as you hit war. That structure would encourage a greater divide in power between F2P and P2P, especially if top league scores are reliant on using coins to finish with a high score. This means that in War there would be even more of a gap.

This is a bugbear of mine.