Scopely your game isn't diamond league anymore, stop charging us like it is

Gone are the old days of fighting a major All out war for an exclusive Erin 5* toon

Gone are the days of winning Raids for a once promo’d toon such as Green Command Jesus 5* Toon

Gone are the days of winning level ups for 1 million milestones for Blue Abe or for a jesus blade on faction level up or the now ascendable 5* Rick with blade

Basically these days the game has a serious fun about it, events are basically milestones for roadmaps that need payments to complete or just normal rewards that go nowhere, do nothing until you complete 4 or 5 more events (ascendance tokens, liliths etc)

Scopely, people are quitting the game at an alarming rate due to all these problems, boredom, bugs, account log in skips, The game isnt the same as it was back 2015-2018, people wont feel the excitment of doing promo pulls all the time

even retail business’ know if sales arent doing well they put up discounts, you kind of need to look at revenue and decline and bae a new strategy upon this, (you have guys who do research) and rather than release toons that make you believe you can charge £250+ to obtain, kind of review this to your games current climate

Players are more likely to buy cheaper items for decent outcomes than these large RNG offers where 99.5% is going to be 50,000 food. you’re not making much sense anymore

Seriously moving forward if you chose to make characters/items better odds to obtaining for a lot less money then players would enjoy the game more, not feel cheated because we all know how the freemium model works, it will be the ruin of a game that the 4+ million who downloaded the game actually once really enjoyed playing



And they did the opposite by taking away the option of pulling a 5star of the Premier toon and thus reducing the chances by 67%


Well said!


yep, wasnt good to go back to 40 x 4* again


Agreed! Right now, for example, would be better pathways deals for those who got screwed out of their Lucille’s and due to that, a crossbone or two, AND due to that, the Piper. Cheap bats and/or a FAIRLY priced crossbone w/bats combo would sell like hotcakes. Try it and see Scopely! And when you get tons of revenue, throw me some free coins or something for outperforming your own marketing team… lol

I miss using my Erin…

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But… It’s now better this way!
Remember all the people on here saying that. Never understood that logic, go from guarantee 5★ character to an increase in odds of 0.0000000000001% for a non-ascendable.

I know it’s basically impossible but really wish they’d do a 5* only war, purely for nostalgia!

It wasn’t that good at the end.

What’s sad is all these events with alternate start times so suckers got to keep depositing those hundred dollar bills. Imagine being that poor sap who purchased 5 big pulls halfway to the first 400 pulls when the next day another $1k 400 pull event starts.

The times , they are a changing.

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