Scopely, You Should Really Listen To Your Players Now


Especially in dire times such as these, where we confirm there is something we are in need of, but our words seems to fall upon deaf ears.

When we ask for Free To Play, ascendable epics, you tell us there aren’t enough. It would be understandable, if you didn’t start shoving ascendable epics, which are premier, forcing players to spend on a “perfected” meta you created, instead of satisfying our needs. The game is slowly breaking, and it would’ve been faster if it wasn’t for Wyaat being the avaiable character for this event.

When we beg for bug fixing, your answers are simply “Our game does not have such bugs” or “This issue has been taken to the team”. Nothing else is heard of, other than new bugs, visual or mechanical on the game’s part. Are you really letting your game fall apart that easily?

When we confirm that there should be better rewards, you do change what we ask for, but instead only doing so slightly or actually worsening the situation. The revamped Level Up system? It won’t be easier for players to reach the milestones, especially those who are new to the game or verterans in new regions, who are forced to buy your premier Legendaries so they have a chance.

Of course there are other reasons for you to throughly pay attention to our feedbacks, many threads talk about this all the time. I am just mentioning the problems that needs to be adressed for this game to go back to the golden old days when it started. =3

Have a good day, Scopes.


Everytime I see a new event and prizes or a new change, I feel like Scopely is punishing us. It’s so depressing that a game that I once loved and spent so much time, energy, and money on is going downhill so rapidly. I try to give Scopely a chance, but it’s just one disappointment after another. This is a game, yet there is no enjoyment or entertainment anymore. I’m literally playing for my faction and so I don’t feel like everything I put in is wasted.


Sometimes I feel like I’m forcing myself to play this game. I became too adicted to it, but yet, so many reasons are good enough to leave it behind.

But hey, it’s just a matter of time. Who knows if things will change soon?


Time to move on. There are better companies in the world