Scopely, you need to STOP any new game features

Not another new feature/event/collection until you go BACK and fix what is broken FIRST.

This Michone event has started off terribly with all of the roadmap glitches, timer malfunctions, choice box discrepancies and whatever else.

GO BACK, make necessary adjustments, throw in Beta, make additonal adjustments until it is 99% bug free, THEN release it to the masses. This shouldn’t be such a difficult concept.

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Exactly this.

Stop trying to roll our more and more money making orientated ideas and events. Go and fix the broken sh1t first.


They should fix this event and give out 300 balloons. So people can a toon for their progress.

So we’re saying Scopes fix you IMG_3251 and then and only then release some amazing events

Scopely seriously need to get their shit together. They never bother to actually test their own features (new Survival Road is a perfect example - apparently, they thought we could beat walkers with decap, auto taunt and headshot immunity (!!!))

But we are barely any better. We are just sitting there sucking everything they shit on us up. We need to take an action because otherwise this neverending cycle of bullshit will go on until the game gets closed (which is a likely outcome due to recent events).

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Ive been saying this for a year

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