Scopely, you messed up your comic lore again (comic spoilers)


So with the new world stages there’s new story. The group heads to Sanctuary to join the Saviors including Abe. There’s a problem here:
Abe dies in issue 98 in an attack by Dwight and some saviors
Negan isn’t introduced to the reader and Rick’s group until issue 100 (R.I.P. Glen)
Abe is with the group going to meet Negan, who everyone already know and knows about.

He should be rotting in a shallow grave with half his guts torn out
Using comic characters is great and all, but its gotta make sense. I swear if someone from Magna’s group shows up pre-time skip I’m gone a lose my shit.

Also Rick’s dialog art still has his right hand.


Those issues came out 6 years ago…


Yeah spoiler alert dude!

Can’t believe you ruined the fact that Rick recovered from the gun shot wound in issue 1.


I’m on mobile so there is no spoiler blur option. Edited title though.


I was joking :upside_down_face:

I agree 6 years is time enough to catch up.


I mean, Benjamin and Lilly Caul’s fates are altered from the comics…

And in a letter hack it’s said that Lilly Caul from the game is different from the one in the comic (Alternate universes)

Still an annoying inconsistency, however.


Road to survival isn’t canon, but I too find it extremely irksome when they blatantly go around the canon anyway. It’s like if an expanded universe Star Wars story made Luke Vader’s brother. It just doesn’t make sense for the story.


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