Scopely you know it cost more for new players that to keep old ones


The title says it all it cost way more to attract a new player than to keep the ones you have… stop being so greedy and squeezing every cent out of us before you completely kill the game people are dropping like flies in my region because of the six stars… First they were mad that you made 2 years of work obsolete but now you have us stuck in this limbo. Either get rid of six stars (never gonna happen) or release trainers gear and ascendable old toons before everything just goes to shit
A player who is tired of being pissed on


I kinda agree. Every 5☆ character I paid for has become significantly less useful unless behind a 6☆ leader.
Revive Hershel on offense gets oneshot by Mirabelle even when she’s not the leader
Priya is oneshot material on defence unless behind a Carl or Negan
Twichonne is useless because teams with Mirabelle oneshot her

Just some examples of cards who used to be absolute top tier not too long ago. I don’t plan on spending the same amount of money for 6☆s as I did for 5☆s because in 2 years time everything will be worthless again.

Now I do realize this is just an evolution of the game, and in a years time it’ll likely be balanced just like the gap for 5☆s was closed, but I feel like with 6☆s in combination with some of the weapons people have, the sky is the limit.


Up until 6* you could have a four star or two in your team and still have an awesome team hell I used blue Carl as a leader for a long time but now 4-1 are useless and five stars are the new three star the boost on six stars is just so much more Than when you compare a five to a four star or four to a three