Scopely - You killed my faction

We won our Qualifier last weekend no problem and had great activity. Today no one wants to play. Congratulations Scopely you have succeeded in killing my faction.


Lmao. This is a lousy mobile game that favors spending over hard dedicating work, and no competive e-sport video game. :joy:


Well, at least you can find your name online in several charts and league standings unlike in this game where you can only look for infos in game or have to search this forum. Means more prestige, more bragging rights and etc.
All this war nonsense is just about keeping people busy spending and wasting time for nothing in return. They wake up Mondays and realize I wasted another weekend for nothing.


Groovy. Been years since I touched any competive online game (a real one) but saving for a gaming computer to xmas and will go back to Starcraft or similar stuff.

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Cod is dead aswell, only game which its competitive is worth watching now is league of legends

I’m known greatly in the siege and youtube community :sunglasses:

Amd’s new chips for the Xbox Scarlett and Playstation 5 will have ray tracing so im sure their upcoming newest PC chips will too. Plus with the whole console market monopolized they will have way more R&D money to make god tier chips nvidia has never seen before lol

esports is not all money, but there is money in esports.

Console market is slightly bigger than PC market. Mobile game market is bigger than both consoles and PC combined

When Xbox releases their feature to play any xbox game on your phone via console streaming, mobile game revenue will tank and consoles will become the fully dominant shark

And scopely will sunset this game once and for all :sunglasses:

Its correct😂

If you all are really interested, forward thinking schools like mine have started Bachelor’s degrees in eSports. Check out Roger’s State University outside of Tulsa Oklahoma. We have both an eSports major and minor, and will be the ONLY school in the midwest for at least another year that can say that. If you are not in the midwest, you can check out the University of Utah, Ohio State, or smaller schools like Shenendoah, Becker, or Tiffin. LOTS of universities have teams, but VERY few have degrees. If you have questions just e-mail me. I am not sure if I can post links or e-mails here, so just search RSU and me, Dr. Kevin Woller

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2018 and 2019, Console market is larger than PC


When you get fact checked you cry in german and then cry pc is better :joy: pitiful


Receipts. Got him

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Wow this topic derailed fast, and kookland had nothing to do with it this time


How is it scripleys fault that you have a faction of slackers?



It is one worse… they have all pretty much quit after the BS Scopley has pulled the last few days

So you admit itis your faction members fault then…wow!..smh

Lmao I dont even think they care about th spenders. Its whatever they feel like at this point