Scopely, you changed the AI... AGAIN!

One more BAD THING you did without advice, thank you
I’m done with this

how did they

They dint and would not be problem if you run a shield when you raid.

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What changed?

Nothing cause it’s not true duh

Seems the same

Ops just bad thats all.

This is exactly why magna will benefit me and lee

To be fair not everyone has a shield yet (either not getting lucky with pulls or whatever the case is). Not exactly their fault for that.


blue magna was in few war wheels then you have andrea from Sc trail and you upgrade her for free from doing weeklys… koa was in lot of wheels then have free one in 5 stars…

I don’t have Blue Magna.

I have Andrea, but I just got her. She is still a T1 5*.

I don’t have Koa.


Lee becoming ascendable will benefit me greatly

So you assume that everyone has a shield because of that? I participated in every event with a shield (Andrea isnt free btw. A 5 star shield is worth nothing) and have done multiple 5 star pulls and haven’t gotten a single shield. I’ll have my first when Lee ends up becoming ascendable.

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7 day trial was free… So is doing ricks weekly… most people dint do Sc after 7 days… most got her to tier 4

It’s free if you have a card with any type of money on it, which currently I do not, so I cannot get her… To do so I would need to put money on a card which would involve me spending money. And currently I’m saving my money for things actually worth my time.

A shield on offence is just a wasted spot imo :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Assuming because there’s shields in wheels that everyone should have one is a bit naive :thinking::smirk: there’s premiers in wheels and my roster doesn’t reflect that :joy:

3 turns most teams everyone gets impaired as lots dont run inpair res. All %8s

Why would have 3 8s on that team really dont do much and crushes waylands near execute. And people wouldnt be t4ing andrea yet as you would only have 75 comics I’m pretty sure.

%8s makes you ar faster plus leads ar skill…

No it doenst still be turn 3 with them either way

I wouldn’t say it’s a wasted spot. If your shield can tank well enough, you can essentially run full offense mods on your other 4 characters, without worry that they might get focused due to the AI changes implemented a while back. Not to mention, a stun gun on Ajax or Alert Magna can screw up the offense team pretty well.