Scopely - you are losing revenue... A way to make money

Clickbait title for the CMs but worth reading CMs when you click on this (would now tag them but can never seem to tag in an OP).

Due to the absolute terrible milestone and final reward prizes, my faction has once again decided to not bother pushing for faction level up (I contributed in advising for this decision so not complaining about my faction here). Me and many of my faction will stop at the 500 or 800k milestone because there is little point to go further.

By giving such terrible prizes, you are losing revenue. I know for a fact that multiple mid-range, and I guess many top factions just aren’t bothering to push for the level up places because the prizes are so dire. If the prizes were worth the push, then more factions would endeavour to try and score higher, thus resulting in more players spending.

If there were rewards worth pushing for, not just in LU but across the board, then more people would push and spend. It is a win for the players - prizes worth playing for, it is a win for you - more money spent. It is a win all round.

Take Onslaught for example. A huge amount of players don’t like this game mode (I do - just saying), yet activity has been high for it because the rewards were decent. You have access to the data to compare activity for the Onslaught tournament compared to this faction LU, you can see how much effort and spending is reduced due to very poor prizes - just review your data!

Take Hordes when it was running, when we had a great stash (the Joshua stash) it was difficult to finish high. Yet as soon as you ran the Hordes without the stash and very little for prizes aside from that, it was very easy to place very high.

Two examples above where your own data will highlight the point I’m making. Decent prizes mean better gameplay for us and more money for you.

Week after week, myself, How2, Rickygrimes (would tag you guys but can’t in OP for some reason) and others highlight to you again and again that poor prizes lead to poor player engagement. Poor player engagement leads to poor revenue for you.
We aren’t in 5 star days anymore yet we are getting worse milestones than a few months ago and rewards and milestones in scale with the 5 star economy.
Come on - you guys can do better than that. It’s your revenue you’re losing.


5 star economy? Gimme a break, this game is designed for the 3 star economy right now :joy:, but nonetheless, great write up

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Cheers, they really do need to listen at some point, because it will eventually (and probably pretty soon) come to a head

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You would think they knew this but look at war rewards

Imagine how much they could make if people actually could win useful stuff. Instead they insist on focusing on the wrong things.

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Good point, war rewards, the flagship event for the game, are absolutely awful.

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