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If already in itself the deadly route was difficult with normal zombies, with these ■■■■■■■ zombies it becomes impossible to play, put them in waves of zombies and it turns out that they put them in the front row since they have a lot of life, they are immune to the critic and also decapitate your damn characters… So it’s impossible to play
Pd: I’m sorry for my English (I’m using a translator)

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Why are you running unleveled epics


Why is clementine your leader in a crit based level when you also have an earl


Its beta. Ppl don’t have many characters.
And some of these zombies are immune to headshots, so crit wont help


Because those zombies s10 xd, They killed all my characters, they force you to assault with fast characters but those zombies are strong and kill me to my 6* in one stroke… It’s mind-blowing.

Oh it’s the beta SR? I made it to legendary before I ran into trouble. But I got coin milestones sonjt didnt bother me any

What coin milestones?

In beta every now and then tournaments will have milestones that have coins and rewards that include coins.

I’m in beta and I don’t see any tournaments so I don’t see any milestones with coins. So… yeaaah. Where’s this at?

Currently there are none up. Just yesterday there was an SR tournament with coins for milestones and rewards.

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