Scopely wtf are these box designs

A Lucille crate? A Shiva force box? What even are these reward box designs and why are they both on a random crate? It’s pretty sad when first gets the nylon fallout 76 bag and the lower ranks get a nice crate with a Lucille on it…


! ! O M G ! !

I was thinking about that too. This is the biggest problem in this F game !! LoL
When rewards shows up in my inbox, I will not pick it up, I’ll let the clock expire.
I dont like that " nylon fallout 76 bag " neither.

I totally agree with you my friend!!!


Cool. Mate.

This was also my biggest concern with the game at this time. How dare 1st not have bags made of pure gold

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I don’t see the problem. These styles just tell me one bag is not the same as the other one, and I like that


Stop making a damn issue of little things like this. No wonder all the useful feedback goes unnoticed.


Never judge the book by its cover.

It’s not a big deal, but it’s just one more piece of evidence upon a mountain that suggests scopely doesn’t care if their game is any good, as long as it makes money.


Yes Johansson make them glitter boxes dammit!

Except they used the orange and black bag for different sets of items. How hard would it be to just design a box with a 1,2,3,4-10,11-25, ect on it. Design a specific one for each event so people who sit on them would know if it came from war, raids, sr, or level ups. If its trainers put a T on the bag if its gear put a G.

I thought of this in like 10 seconds and it’s a hell of a lot better than what they do now. Smh.

i like them

Yes. It absolutely is. They’ll be crying in the streets

“I don’t give a shít what’s in the box, just what’s on the outside”


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