Scopely why you do dis

They did dat because you did one of the listed violations…

Even if it was error emailing them wont help anyway ha

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I have demanded ss evidence .
I dont violate.

Nah mate, you’re stuck in banland permanently.
Happened to faction mate once, he never got unbanned.

Congrats scopes ripped the bandaid off for you and now your free from this game


you should not have done any cheating because this is why they do dis

Isn’t it funny how everyone who gets banned is always innocent?

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Isn’t it funny how everyone who gets b****d is always innocent?


There is innocents and then there is not

Isn’t it funny how rules are enforced arbitrarily


Lol… Have you? It’s PrEtTy loosie-goosie

Guess people know what ban screen is now

Too bad people that been hijacked still aint helped. ha

It’s still fairly arbitrary… And ripe for abuse

Door-knobs are gonna door-knob.

I agree they absolutely are. My understanding is that a bunch of heavy spenders got caught VKing and therefore only got a slap on the wrist. However’ “he got away with it so I should too” isn’t reasonable either. If you’re gonna break the rules you should be prepared to face the consequences.


You all are speculating you have no proof of what they did that got them banned. But I would venture to guess it’s a legit ban

Meh, the TOS covers them legally

Very much so that’s why they slid the new ToS in about a year ago


Congratulations man , you should be happy

Yeah I read the tos, I received a lovely generic reply from my man Jason.
Even though I dont know the exact reason, it must of been a typo or something I wrote that was taken out of context. I’m nice and respectful. But anyways, Thank you scopely for the best days of my life, I’ll miss you.