Scopely: why do burn not stack

I have a simple question, why do burn not stack when bleed does ? :slight_smile:

Because is spreads on death whereas bleed does not. Otherwise it’s just bleed.

yeah but im pretty sure if your arm was on fire and then i set your leg on fire as well it would increase the pain :wink: lol


I’ve got 3rd degree burns on about 55% of my body. A little more fire wasn’t noticeable at the time. Lol.


so in real life if you put fire on fire you get more fire. You don’t get a stronger fire just a bigger one. Do you catch my drift?

Fires does not stack irl (usually), but actually speaking, if fire stacked in game, it would be too OP.

How do I use revives irl?


According to this game your chances are low because rng will only favor those who pay. If you eat a hot dog, make sure to keep money in your pocket just in case you choke on it and someone does CPR

Or just hang out with an okay guardian acquaintance…

(Ok , not helpful for fire… But damn would it be cool walking around with that glowing shield)

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