Scopely, why can't I name myself Linkara?

He’s a YouTuber who does power ranger reviews, why can’t I name myself after him?

Absolute unit


youtubers are weird af

For the same reason I can’t be lockdown, you have to beat them ala Highlander methods and I’m under house arrest for winning a game of monopoly via arson.

Ask justabox, May have to learn Chinese though

You quit, remember?


I was gonna say that lmao

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Cant name myself dues ex machina, the filters are no where close to as bad as cod mobile, i cant even name my sniper class sniper :man_facepalming:

What did Linkara do to you, Scopely?

Prob ate their pancakes

Show us on the doll where Linkara touched you.

I can’t even put MY NAME in this game

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