Scopely why are you doing this to us?

So you believe that people spending is a issue? No spending is not the issue for christ sake, it’s the poor decisions that’s been made by scopely over the past years to not satisfy player. And me spending 20$ for getting a charachter won’t change anything for the company nor the game itself.

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Everyone should not show up to WoC to show everyone’s had enough

Because is it really that much different than anything else they do?

That people wonder that there is a thin veneer of a “game” left is the question?

That’ll never happen.
What will though is the complaining about being stuck in the regions that they have to move to.

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And yet, ppl still spend. Telling scopely, in the only language they speak (dolladollabillyall), that everything is hunky dorey and to keep things at the status quo. That is when spending is an issue. Its not rocket surgery.



Exactly, I see nothing appealing about any of these offers whatsoever that would want me to part with my money for them, Im more shocked at how extortionate they are, paying for what basically amounts to little to no value.
and even more shocked at how anyone can spend on this crap.
Anyone remember the offer for around £3 or £4 which gave you like 3 of each energy refill?? That was worth it, now even that’s been inflated to around £18


You have to excuse him he’s a little slow .

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How was this inappropriate? Take a class on economics, this is how it works.

Anyways keep spend… I mean surviving :smile:

As for ecology : 1M people thinking the same = no change at all.
But hey, keep doin your thing since, as for ecology, everything is goin juuuust fine …


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Lol I still don’t understand the issue here. I rarely spend on this game, first offer I’ve bought since the 1 maple leaf for 3$ or whatever the price was.

Why do you guys hate the spenders? You May see it as dumb or mentally handicapped but the truth is that the competition is what fuels a whale. I was spending $1,000-$1,200 a month in staying ahead of the curve. So don’t hate the whale hate scope for exploiting us with our habits. Call me an idiot or what have you fine but that’s my choice to spend or not spend and if you think that scope will ever change their ways from not spending they won’t they will always exploit us with offers that’s what they do best. Whether it’s a $2.99 or $99.99 offer people will spend what they can afford again don’t hate the ones that can afford to do where you can’t but hate the hackers n cheaters that claim they spend a fortune and don’t. That said Scopely has finally pushed me away from the game. They have made it such a grind to stay on top at a huge expense so I’m actually thanking them for burning me out from the daily grind and I most likely not will be attending WOC so there’s one less whale to contend with :joy:

P.S Keep on surviving

No one hates a whale. I think what people have an issue with is launching events and putting the rewards that everyone needs and keeps asking/begging for behind the paywall.

We have been begging for a 6* gear for around a year now, the gear map that was promised to us originally.

All that we keep getting is “i will take it to the team” “we are looking into it” “We Hear you” but yet the weeks and months keep dragging on and no fix the the issue in sight. But what do we get instead events where the gear everyone needs is begind the pay wall.

20 offers a day for gear to be brought cos they know people are desperate etc for it.

Yet something like the CoinGate where people were getting coins through no exploits etc, or the jonesgate where the quill bag dropped on the road map a fix can be put in place in a few mins.

We don’t hate spenders, we hate people that can’t say no when it is definitely time to.
Because your addiction (being smartly exploited by Scopely) drives you to spend no matter what, because you HAVE to be on top, or you MUST be number 1 or you NEED to have the latest toon or whatever …
Personnaly I hate people that act stupidly without being able to understand that its gone beyond respect and decency.
Exactly as I hate people that just NEED to let the heater go all day long because they MUST have 22°c at home when they come back from a hard day at work …
Geez, if people weren’t that dumb and if everyone could just lower a little bit their expactations instead of being selfish @ssholes, the planet would be treated waaay more respectfully.
It is exactly the same problem with Scopely and their whales.
If everyone could just stop being selfish addicts that need their 1st place, then they would stop sp.end ing for just a lil’ while and voice their opinion, should they have one, about misleading infos, mistreating the playerbase, blatant lies and disrespects behaviors from an investment firm that only cares for money.
We could debate for hours, everyone is entitled to do whatever they want with their benjis but seriously, dont try to patronize when you just act a child !


So damn right, a lot of wisdom here.
Especially when these pixels are overrated as effin hell.


I started weaning myself after the article but I agree it’s gotten ridiculous. This whale is done. I looked at the offers and roadmaps one day all requiring spending and my offers were all $75-$99. If I was opening the game for the first time I’d say hell no and delete it. Feel like an idiot for the money I’ve spent.


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