Scopely, When will you stop the cheaters?

If you want to continue receiving from the whales, please at least stop the cheaters!!!


Nope, never gonna happen. It’s like cutting off a hydra head, two more grow in it’s place. They b@n some, others crop up afterwards.

instead ban, they should be more effective in anti cheaters

Well I mean yea that would be the logical thing to do, but we all know logic is beyond this company’s comprehension levels.

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It’s the internet, nothing is unhackable.

Maybe not, but Valve is really serious about cheaters.


But how do you discern the two?

It’s probably employees testing the game.
But if you seriously wanting to stop cheating nothing has worked better with this company at getting things fixed then showing everyone how it is done.
For two years or more many people sent complaints about coin hacks, but only through the official report system and within a month of it being just told in the open it was fixed.
Food hack told for months through the proper system, within weeks of being in the open fixed.
Armory months again through proper channels, out in the open days.
I and others could go on and on, but the clear is the only way to get scopely to fix anything is in the open slowing how to do it to everyone.
Now days if it cost them lost sales it’ll get fixed within minutes, but the key is letting everyone know how it’s done. Not just saying buy straight from the scopely on VK but showing people how they can do it themselves.

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