Scopely what are you waiting for?!?!?

Scopely how much more are you going to wait before letting us know about plushes? Today the collection is ending and what are we going to do with plushes?
You said you are going to inform us better after the players united but you don’t even give information about this collection at the last day!!
Some people have extra plushes, some people already have romanov. Did these people play the game for nothing for the last weeks?
We only want more information scopely, what are you waiting for???


SD points

Look in other posts. They have answered it. Sheesh.

This answer is not enough. I saw it but we should know more. They ‘promised’ us to inform us and is this the infotmation the are giving for god’s sake?

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As per leaks, next 2 day long solo level up gives summer token as rewards and the wheel is over tomorrow… Are they planning on extending it?

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