Scopely views rewards to players as deductions from their salary


Are you still wondering why you haven’t been heard about your pleads for gear and toons? Scopely, like a major conglomerate, pays their employees with the money you spend on coins. If scopely does anything to reduce that daily amount of money we spend, that is a financial problem for them which can lead to bankruptcy. If you are angry like me about feeling like the customer service doesn’t do a good enough job understanding or listening to the problems we present them, then you must understand their logic. In no way am I justifying the actions of scopelys financial board of executives. I am sad to come to the conclusion that nothing will ever change. Seems like they have been reduced to sending us generic automated responses to our issues when requesting assistance. Almost 2018 and still having problems linking accounts to new devices? They even switched my account with a random person, and didn’t even have the decency to send me a message admitting to their mistake, just another automated message pertaining to something completely unrelated.
Lemme end this by saying I love playing this game, I’ve enjoyed the hard times and easy times, but what I dont enjoy or appreciate is being treated like our opinions, issues and requests don’t have merit. Like I said, from a financial standpoint I understand your priority, but I just can’t get over the way we are thrown under the rug. As if we don’t deserve acknowledgment for bringing these issues up, how many bugs have slipped past your “testers” and into official patches. WE DO YOUR JOB FOR YOU.
Your becoming the next Ubisoft, in the bad way

I didn’t come here to troll or incite hate mail to scopely, but to enlighten those who don’t see through the marketing.
Happy thanksgiving
I’m great full for being in a good faction, without whom id have no chance at gear or toons I need.



That’s not where their shortcomings end



Ex siege player here, i couldn’t agree with you more :ok_hand:



well if you have a team the game is so fun, i wish i had my boys but two of them switched to pc. Now i usually play alone the first week of every season but once i reach diamond i get tired of facing the same toxic players using mouse and keyboard landing impossible shots on console.
Good luck this season bro, that new phone calling shit is going to be hilarious :laughing: