Scopely Vacation: Walker hordes

Is Scopely on a massive vacation this week, no calendar, balloons released and Walker hoard tokens with no explanation, 3 faction level ups in a row?! Ive been gone for a year, what is up with the hoard tokens?

The calendar is posted here on the forums in the same thread we’ve used for years.

The balloons are part of a mission. Check your missions.

Three FLUTS in a row to faction lock us for the Commonwealth event (which they told us in the original Commonwealth post we would be faction locked for the duration)

Hordes is on the calendar this week if you click the calendar link.

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Yea I don’t hang out in the forums. Only recently came back, would have expected more explanation within the game like usual. But thanks for the info! And long time no Chat LadyGeek

When the forums don’t get updated we’re told to check the in game blog.

When that’s not updated we have to check the forums :joy:

If all else fails there’s…the other place.


Absolute incompetence.

Have they made any changes to Hordes? If not it’s going to be even worse than the last time they had it because now there are even better 6 stars people will use.

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Simple solution to all of the hordes problems for the last year or so would of just been to make it so that you cant use S class toons. Job done carry on

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Not to mention the s classes

I hear they are a thing now

Would be nice to know of any drastic changes before hand or if it’ll be the normal snorefest.

Hope S classes are allowed in Hordes and everyone runs all the Traders and Frosts and Petes they have.
That should create enough frustration for scopely not to launch this stupid event again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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@LadyGeek can you mention it to them during next PC call that the in game calendar (the actual game website) is outdated and does not have current week. Seems to be falling behind and they might as well scrap it if they’re losing interest in it

And why not everyone in team c in defense to avoid the fiasco announced with the characters class S

They’re aware, it’s just a one week hiatus.

True. Ive once posted in this forum questioning where i can find a calendar update when the forum thread calendar isnt updated, and i was told to look in game news. And now the news isnt updated, i have to look in forum again, luckily it is updated now. Scopely should decide where they will update it officially, forum, in game or vk :joy:

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It’ll be updated in discord :sweat_smile:

If you guys are having a hard time to find the game calendar in game or forum, do what I do and go to the most reliable sorce …

They don’t take vacation…

Think Walker’s out on vacation this week.
Goes to show that we took his consistent calendar posting and photoshop skills for granted.

Or it shows that a billion dollar company only has one person who can update a simple calendar.

Or that they can’t even plan in advance so that the calendar can be updated before he has a week off.

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I was scrolling back to 2019’s calendars though and they were some ugly Excel spreadsheets. Just trying to give some props

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