Scopely: Typhoon is going to be an AWESOME event!

Players: Okay, what’s it about?








Me when I don’t get content creator for making fan art

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Scopely I just took a dump if you want I can save it so you can release it during this Typhoon event since that’s what you guys have been putting out lately


Sergio is t-posing on Zhu Grave

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Excellent, another legacy confirmed


Hershel isn’t that bad, but damn most of the others are

Zhu better have a cool ass character card or he’s not worth the trouble

He’s trash check the post

No, we already know he’s trash, but his character card, the picture n shit, that better be cool, or it’s not worth it

AWESOME is not the word I would use for these event…

It’s a long event and the story sounds interesting BUT the rewards could not be worth the event, with the amounts we can get 1000 blue keys, 1000 ice cream cones and 1000 cakes… and some supplies. Its OK but is not an event that can give Huge Rewards… In that aspect Piper’s event was more strategic but HUGE rewards appart fro getting her…

Hope in the middle of the event, 6* maggie will be released giving us some fresh air to the teams, hope she can help us to see better gameplays…

Zhuccma deck

like, even his card thing in the roster looks bad?


honestly, the one you used as a reference isn’t that bad honestly

nowhere near on par with @Icarus’s work, but not bad :woman_shrugging:


they may not be there yet, but with time, they could certainly get there

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I would go for content creator, but I can’t draw characters who already exist, only my own characters (and the drawings usually aren’t that good anyways :woman_shrugging:)

I hope you never get content creator

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Well that wasn’t very nice

Insulting her is like a professional sport