Scopely, time to start being fair

Ok, so I know I am not the only one feeling this, but Scopely, it would be nice for you to start treating the player base a bit better.

This harvest event and survival club, IMO, have been good. However, these latest two errors have made things very inequitable for your player base - the folks who fund the company!

One: turkey trainer map. When I found out about the drops, I busted my ass to get canned meat to finally get a turkey, which I still don’t have enough for yet. Then I find out this has been “fixed” after seeing so many people get loads of trainers. How is this fair? If the stuff up was made, why not just let it ride? How is it fair to let some benefit, while others cannot?

Two: the Andrea fiasco. This morning I signed up both accounts of mine to survivors club. I was quite excited to get the bonuses advertised and the added bonus of seeing people having Andrea maxed, I was surprised and eager to get started, now I see I need 999 comics to t2 a five star? Another “fix” while others benefit?

I understand accidents happen, but surely this can be managed better and balanced better so that it can become more equitable for all your players. I understand there is always going to be a f2p / p2p gap but honestly, this is just flat out unfair. Am I missing anything here?

Normally I am very positive and upbeat about the company despite my copious failed 40 pulls. Starting to get a little over this, thanks for letting me rant, I don’t expect a reply from anyone at the company as this is the type of customer service that we have come to expect, sad isn’t it? May be time for a change.


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