Scopely Time loop

I can’t help but wonder if this is some sort of Groundhog day situation??

Same CRW match ups as two weeks ago. Is Scopes hoping to erase the cataclysmic bungles of the last two weeks by making us lemmings think through some time slip we are back at the end of May??

Was this done on purpose for the players to see any AI differences… Face the same teams, see if there is different results??

Without communication saying “we are gonna re run the match ups from last CRW”, this looks like a glaring bit of laziness. The “team” at scopely RTS can put out two premiers, but can’t scramble the regions?


The only thing Scopely wants to do now is make and sell toons. The game itself is not important.


They’re squeezing the last few drops of money from this game. It’s a shame how scopely has stopped caring for rts and has moved on to their other games.


Error, actually the team run a highly sophisticated algorithm that determines match ups and any resemblance to previous match ups is purely coincidental and absolutely not developer laziness.

Or at least that’s the absolute turd of a story we were fed a little while back…


I cant imagine why anyone still gives these people money.


is this a quote you are doing from 2016


I just gave them £2.99 because they had some decent 99p Offers. But i’ve Never given them serious money and never will.

Define ‘serious money’.

Of course kookland I’m so sorry. The game is perfect and will never die. Is that better?


Because some people are blind. Due to their egos they’re gonna keep spending thousands on OP toons just to wreck F2P teams 2 seconds quicker. They’re too blind to see they will have nobody but other whales to raid and then they’ll be like “I cannot beat anyone in 2 turns anymore. SCOPELY HAS RUINED THE GAME”

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Is that a moustache you sporting from 1980s? :thinking:


Highly sophisticated as in a dart thrown blindfolded?

My faction got our ass kicked by all these people last month and its happening all over again. Fun times.

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