Scopely take a note on compensation

This is how you compensate for bugs and issues. I hardly noticed there was a problem and for the issues I’m given what amounts to 50$ of items(other Marvel Strike Force players can attest to this). These are all items that have 0 value in real life so you can easily do this and not lose any money because you set the value of said items you know what it really cost you to produce these.

Treating us like valued customers instead of P.O.W will earn you more patience from your player base when these issues and bugs arise. We arent asking for you to give use the latest promo toons but lately it feels like “Hey sorry you were locked out for 2 days here is a useless silver radio Keep Survivng”

You have made some changes for the better take some advice for once and see if things get better maybe we will be celebrating a 7th year anniversary some day


Some mobile games you get rewards for scheduled updates, taking part in surveys and sometimes just on timers for the fun of it



They have 4 separate login events going on right now login each day and get stuff havent seen anything like this for Scopely since Solange I think


Here’s your compensation… say hi to priya lol.


What does daze doooo

Lmao. That’s what we are all trying to figure out :joy::joy::joy:

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I NEED to know Ricky :sob:

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What’s in the box!?!?!?

I’ve been dabbling in this game, the reward let me grind some more lol

And this is how scopely does it. I’ve been locked out repeatedly, have roadmaps crash and give no rewards off and on for months, missed literally hundreds of trainers when I couldn’t access last 8 days of pathways. They gave me 1 of each type of can.


What compensation did they send you?

I was thinking the exact same thing when I logged on today and saw this. Wow. Didn’t know how much this was worth but figured at least $30 for an outage that I didn’t even notice.

The daily calendar rewards are awesome too in Marvel Strike Force.

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One of each type of can.


Good job Scopely you are starting to get it
Great to see


I think they are finally getting what compensation is. Thanks for showing appreciation to the players.


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