Scopely tactic - what we can do about?

Hi guys
As many of you noticed already Scopely will profit by milking us. Yes they created game. Yes they need to pay ppl who manage this game. Yes they want to get profit. Nothing wrong with that. In other worlds why should they keep game alive for non spenders? But…
If you google a bit about Scopely you can easy find informations about how much profit Scopely games generate. Abaout company plans for the future. And most important information that say this game isnt priority anymore. This simply means:

  1. Dont upgrade aspects of the game that dont bring profit.
  2. Game will be supported just to the point it brings enough profit
    It help you understund why someone who is responsible for creating construction of actual events is not focused on how players enjoy this game. Is focused on creating events that “force” players to open wallets.
    We can see it as a pure greed but is a part of strategy. Thats why they dont want listen and react on players sugestions.
    But… there is a question:
    If this is Scopely general strategy or is it strategy made by lets say some kind of manager who is responsible for part of team deployed for handle this game.
    If its general strategy we cant do anything about changing theier mainds and “soften” milking proces. Just stop playing or pick another game.
    But if is some kind manager tactick that for sure will bring to company good from milking players (and get rewarded for it for sure) then we players can simply stop spending. This mayby wake up company and soften greed. We can simply stop spending in lets say 2 weeks or month. They for sure will give us some events that spenders will not miss and probably can regret but there is a way for handle it. Most important thing is: when we start we need to let them know simple thing: We dont spend 2 weeks. If for that period we dont have full rewards for missing events we add another week. If they still refuse - we add another week.
    I think this way may work becouse nothing is more painfull for greedy company than lack of profit.
    (ps. i personaly stop spending and atm i am playing just for fun)
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And again
IUGO made this game
Scopely adds monetizing to the game


Unfortunately people in the top 20 factions will keep spending no matter what the state of the game is.

I wont…

Tucker. It’s all Tucker’s fault.

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Not saying all but there are alot that could be told the game is ending on Sunday and they put out an OP on Friday and people would still pull multiple of it.


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