Scopely support is very bad


their service is very bad and slow, they should have more prority with problems of accounts, I have lost my account for 4 days without being able to play, without being able to claim the rewards, I hope they give me the rewards of the war in which I could not play.
now it’s only 1 day and layers that I miss the opportunity to get Andrea


Good luck getting it back but as far as lost rewards they won’t.


1: Yes, yes it is.
2: If you didn’t participate in war you will not get the rewards, full stop. Sorry but you won’t.
3: Don’t worry, you wouldn’t have got Andrea anyway, almost nobody did.
4: Keep surviving.

Best of luck dude.


Scopley support is bad. In other news, the grass is green, the sky is blue and bears shit in the woods


0-2400 in milestone points, no map, thats alot already for raids and still no map for andrea in the museum. good thing im just getting the milestone rewards, im really not expecting it cause you know its Scopely :blush:


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