Scopely Support Broken Again

So around 18-20 months ago I recovered my account (sent receipts, info and all that stuff). Not a long time ago it was stolen. I messaged the Support, sent all the needed data, I was told to link the account with Facebook (didn’t work). Then I sent the receipts, the faction it was in when it still belonged to me etc. I heard they’re unable to verify my ownership and that they won’t help me. The account was accessed from different locations (wow, who would’ve thought?) and they don’t know who it belongs to. I guess they knew it 20 months ago but not now?
Has anyone had to deal with such sitution?

Uhh you got told to do stuff with facebook there

It didn’t work. Linked it and nothing happened.

oh, well i honestly dont have a solution. But sorry to hear your account is basically gone

After I asked what I could do to prove that I am the owner… Great company and grear support.


i dont think support are real people… just bots

That’s just ridiculous. They won’t recover accounts that have been accessed from different locations. What if someone uses VPN? What if someone moves to another country? What if someone goes abroad for a vacay? Will they all hear the same thing? Thieves can keep playing on a stolen account because Scopely will not recover it… What a terrible company it is…

i never said i agreed with scopely im just saying

I know. I highly doubt there’s anyone who agreeds with Scopely.

You don’t understand the whole tech background, different location doesn’t always mean different countries. In many cases it means a different device than the one you have been using most of the time. When your account is highjacked it no longer sends the usual data of your device to their servers hence different location. People do not need to worry about traveling abroad and losing their game progress and etc.

Then what’s the point in recovering your account or moving it on another device? Since a new device means different location, it should be against their “rules”. In majority of such cases, players want to move the account to another device. If every single device was another location, nobody would get their accounts moved. Also, if you read their messages. “Two accounts are accessed from different locations … we can’t help you”. So if the locations were the same, they would help me. But that would mean the accounts are accessed from the same device, which is impossible. So nope.

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