Scopely Support: A Real Horror Story


Of course, what I mean by that is that they are pure trash. I’m addressing the Turkey Map incident that I posted a week or so ago. I messaged support about the incident. Long story short, they would not gift me a turkey after the map closed down after a few minutes of play. They told me it was because gifting me a turkey, even the the error was on their end, would be unfair to other players. MAGORITY OF OTHER PLAYERS DIDN’T HAVE THE MAP CLOSE ON THEM WHILE PLAYING IT. It’s too much to deal with anymore @JB.Scopely


The overwhelming majority of players also didn’t get to run it before it was “fixed.” And in typical Scopely fashion, it was changed with no acknowledgment.



A Faction mate had this exact same problem. The turkey map closed on them after 5 mins and they cam back to the map being locked and zero turkeys.


yeah mate i just finished but want it too farm and its locked even though one hour left


How can you have one hour left when the turkey only opens it for 30 minutes?


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