Scopely starting off the new year the right way? Of course not

The new gear map system has been out for a while and is by most accounts it’s a disaster. Not being able to farm night vision goggles and other pieces of gear was always going to be a problem and now scopely is offering a solution. Granted it’s a terrible solution and is just another example of their insane greed first, customer last approach to the game. They are now offering these pop up gear offers for cash. And while they have done this before I doubt they sold many because we could farm the gear. But now with their firm stranglehold on gear in place via the new road map I expect these pop up offers to be much more profitable for them and bad for players that refuse to shell out cash for gear. Really need @kalishane to step up here and let the devs know this is unacceptable and we need a farmable map option weekly at least.





It’s actually not a terrible deal i guess. I just refuse to pay for gear, always have and always will especially since it use to be farmable…

It’s wayyyy too overpriced.Like most of their “Valuable” products. :zipper_mouth_face:


Overpriced! However there is no RNG in there. This is the start of them complying with Apple’s new rules.


I just want to know how they are making the offers and calculate the values of these Offers.

I agree with Vetramont.
Also…Scopely should merge Dale and Dallas. Js

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Definitely @Stasha

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New gear map a disaster? lol


You like not being able to farm multiple pieces of gear? You need a ton of night vision goggles or whatever gear the toon you want to level up and ascend needs. Once you run out you gonna spend cash to get the gear you need?


Scopely only company in the world to take 1 step in the right direction then 756 in the wrong the next day.


Have you run out of gear?

Would love to see how many people actually buy this crap at these prices. Even if I had the cash to waste i wouldn’t spend 50 bucks for this garbage. Once I’m out of gear I’m done. I’m sure I’m not the only one either. Keep on surviving…despite $copely trying to bend us over at ever step.

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It’s a complete and utter rip off to pay $50 bucks for stuff that was free a month ago. Even if money were no object for you there is so many better things it could be used for. Do not buy into the bs. Every person that pays for one of these “deals” is bringing the game closer to the end. The wales cant support the game forever. These deals should cost $5-10 max.


I think the best example of starting the year right is no communication on the nugget event, and it resetting meaning ,i wasted my nuggets on gear i didnt need when i could hav had more gps and canteens


I won the last solo level up and stayed up to claim them , so i had the 18000, if id have known there was 24 more hours id have slept longer instead of being awake 8 am new years day,.
And yeh it would have been an exploit but those who have used it now have a hug advantage over thosse who didnt

Spoken like a true Moby Dick.
(no offence meant tho)

-humbly written by an Eeyore

@Griev gets it.

We have matched 2 or 3 times for crw.
Showing that crw opponents are not fully thought through either

Y 50€ for 8 Burts is like wow.

I only have 2 night vision goggles left. Alot of my 6 stars are hunters though I think I have 5 or 6 since the change in maps so that contributed as well but farming gear is important. With the old map you could farm for everything including bags and walkies and now we can’t farm the gear we need the most of. Everyone will run out with this map format eventually so I’m not sure why you love it so much. If it was run with the addition of a farmable map on the weekend(at least bi-weekly) then I would have no issue with the extra gear every day. Without it though everyone no matter how much gear they have will eventually run out unless they don’t upgrade teams with new characters.

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