Scopely Staff Not Caring About Player Ideas

We told you how you could fix territories and instead you just give a reduction in walkers you have to slay. What’s the point of suggesting anything when you guys obviously think you know more than the players. You think this fixes anything? We pretty much told you what we wanted done with territories! Take out the walkers or at least make us care to unwhite the territories! Do you play your product?

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You’ve just come to this revelation?

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I don’t know about your region, but mine has been filled with color ever since the update.


Maybe tell the dum dums on your region to stop leaving territories to walkers.


they pretty much said that trophies would only be for pvp content, walkers are not pvp content. not sure why you expected them to change that.

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Tbf, SR aint pvp either

Where do you see trophies for sr?

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He means SR event, obviously.

And no, a ranking doesn’t make it PvP.

a tournament is against other players, which is pvp.

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Oh… Then FA is PvP too. I want my trophies for FA. And level ups.

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But some consistency on Scopes part would be fine too.

Only features that encourage spending at a high level have trophies linked to leagues in them

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