Scopely simply have stolen my account

Get a full refund for every dime spent. Contact apple, not scopely. Scopely will not help you, even if you show proof of ownership. As long as you have all the receipts, which you should still be able to access from their online system, you should be able to get it. You paid for entertainment, did nothing to violate the ToS or pp, and do not have access to that paid for entertainment.

The only language scopely understands is the one your wallet speaks, so take it back and maybe they’ll listen.


They are talking about the physical location, bro. The place on the planet. Not the device on which it was accessed. They’re saying that they believe you let hackers sign into your account (obviously located elsewhere in the world)… I’m not saying that you did… I’m just trying to decipher for you.

Both locations are same for me fuck this game

first time they fixed it fine enjoy guys hope you get yours back they need to fix the Facebook ■■■■■■■ crap

Fix yo shit for once scopely fact I have transaction id bit hard for account be stolen normally…

Dear @GR.Scopely

  • can you explain me HOW can my old account have a different physical location than the new one, since I created both where I was at home, in Italy?
  • can you explain me HOW can my old account have a different physical location than the new one, since I have access the old one every day since its creation from Italy, and the new one is just a week old, always access it from the same place?
  • can you explain me HOW can’t scopely make sure of my identity, since I gave you the purchase receipt from the appstore?
  • can you explain me how do scopely does not consider the ‘connect with Facebook’ not working between IOS and Android as a bug, and does not allow me to report it as a f***ing bug?

This am over it with their piss poor coding

Asked to support a full refund, they answered me the same way (functionality does not work, account cannot be recovered) not even mentioning refund.
Should I call my lawyer!? @GR.Scopely?

Support aren’t going to help you with refunds. You need to contact Apple/Google.

For the record: apple does not refund scopely ingame purchases (content type not valid)

Mine was also verified with last thing bought from them still wont help even tho this has happened before… not lot of hope for both of us,

I would have to agree with you, OP.

When C/S states “screenshot of any purchase”, does a Google account showing the purchases count? Who actually screenshots a purchase they make in game?

Perhaps everyone SHOULD be doing so?

@christopher , Pm me dude.

Scopely Will fully remove your account for this bug and will use TOS bs on you have screenshots of how poorly they handed this fuck this keep on $urvivaling. Now makes you wonder how many been falsey B*ned for this shit.

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bumping post for this player

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sorry you got caught doing the cheats

dint cheat… same as this guy… they fixed it first time… scopely knows of this bug…


Why would I give my account code away when I barely know it offhand? @Saltbot2 my facebook unlinked itself when swapping back to the phone when I went out? can ask anyone in Elmore about player morbrt aka me.

This bug is a huge loophole cant even post big right up on it without it being auto hidden… suggest turning on 2 step, And just got my 3rd inpair just before it happened…

not much of a cheater rock them teams for past year other then fast lead from this year.

4 years of playing with pretesting gone.

Had the same response but was able to recover.

Me too for very first time. I even said this will happen again guess what it did.