Scopely simply have stolen my account

They simply have stolen my account!

If you change your device and move from IOS to Android, ‘connect with Facebook’ functionality does not retrieve your old data.
Support fooled me for a week saying that accounts have not the same location (WTF), so they cannot recover the old account or migrate it to the new one, and dropping the conversation each time.
When I tried to report the problem as a bug, they said that is not a bug, even if there is not specified anywhere that the functionality does not work between different os, indeed, it’s guaranteed!
I Tried to contact them in game, by mail, by forum: they did not answer or they drop conversation each time. A functionality that is supposed to work is not working. Isn’t that the definition of a bug?

Ty scopely


demand a full refund from google play! dont let them get you like that with no lube!


So If I transfer to kindle to Android I can’t get my data back?

If you have it linked with facebook keep trying.Took me over 5x.

I’ve had zero problems constantly switching between android and ios.


I constantly transfer from my iPhone to android tablet with no issue. Maybe you were hacked ?


And sadly they can’t steal setting that belongs to them anyways. That s How they get away with not helping


you had your account stolen by the hacker you had given money to for cheap gold or maybe character cards


@kookland… Have you even red the post? Lol

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yes this is just what is happening now to players that did cheating


@kookland players that are cheating broke their phone? Same situation? Are you kidding?
Nevermind buddy. I’m just pissed off.

For the record. They do absolutely noting for cheaters. And they can notice if you have switched device 100 times or just 1.

@TayTron @GR.Scopely

You tried @JB.Scopely on line? He seems to actually respond there, occasionally

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@kookland is right. The clue is the piece where the OP says something about different location. S-team is claiming that his account has been accessed by somebody other than him and in a different physical location, i.e a hacker… They attribute that to cheaters. Now, I have seen many players give friends their sign on info to cover for them on vacation or whatever, but the overlords lump them all together.

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@Macs13 Nope, man, that’s not the situation.

  • I broke my phone 14 July morning.
  • Switched to an old Huawei in the afternoon and as soon as I tried to connect with Facebook, I contacted support.
  • I have sent an appstore receipt for identification and gave them all the f***ing informations they asked.

Are you saying that my account got hacked in the same morning that I broke my phone? LOL

BTW as I said, when I tried to report the problem as a bug they told me that ‘connect with facebook’ does not work from IOS to Android, so the account position was a f***ing excuse.

Welp. I’ll buy a android and keep my kindle. If I can’t transfer then no money scopes.

facebook linking is fucked in this game 2nd time ive ended up with newbie accounts from just swapping from phone to tablet and my fb some how links to something else

Customer support will not be able to help if a player wants to recover an account that exists in a physically different location than the account the player has currently access to.

Additionally, as per our ToS & Privacy Policy, we will not divulge the specific location of the account to a player asking to recover an account, as we have not yet verified the account ownership. We do not communicate players account specifics without account verification

All this is being done to protect our player’s accounts from being stolen and to enforce the fact that we don’t advocate the trading/selling/stealing of accounts in any shape or form.


So… @GR.Scopely

This ship has more holes than a chunk of edam, let’s presume the following for a moment…

Said customer gets hacked/device id duplicated/emulator glitched

Has all relevant info stating account is his/hers

Has done nothing suspect on account

Account is now in a new locale compared to where it has always been

And this wouldn’t be returned to rightful owner? Seriously? We all know support suck but thats an entirely new level of incompetence especially as there is a known repeatable glitch allowing anyone to basically hijack an account

Shocking, truly.