Scopely should seriously rethink the AI

Now with s-class u need toons that do higher damage to beat the different kind of teams, but with the current AI you’re forced to run a disarm a revive and a shield which they barely do any damage left u 2 characters VS 5 which so unfair

Wait why are you forced to run a disarm, revive and shield on attack? Personally I have been running 0 of these on attack - but do you cole for control turn 1 and sometimes turn 2. Mods can make a huge difference imo to the success or failure of a team as well as weapon choice. Also, just saying something is unfair isn’t as effective as also giving an idea to “fix” the problem. Have you tried running defence down and attack up toons to help bridge the gap between s class and 6* a bit. I’ve been finding the combo to be very helpful with making them a lot weaker and being able to take them down with a limited roster.


You’re freaking tripping brah

Disarms I can see a need for. But shields and revives usually mean your team is losing out on and extra hard hitter or 2 to take out the enemies quickly


I mean to beat the different kind of teams sometimes u meat teams with trait that can easily kill ur characters or u meet teams with higher ap drain mods which u 100% need a shield

True. I run most of them on my teams, and almost always a G2, but you can often balance things out.

G2 Rick is a G2, clears shields, heals, taunts and revives, great package. Hershel hands out shields, clears shields, and buffs attack. Douglas G2, heals, taunts and confuses. Bluechonne disarms, confuses, and can deal substantial damage. Bruce disarms, stuns, and AP downs. Red Magns shields, stuns, buffs and debuffs. Blue Magna impairs, which lots of people are very weak to now that people are moving to stun/taunt and stun/confuse resist combos. Depending on the opponent, disarms can be replaced with stun, or with resist mods.

You have to figure out ways to get the most out of each toon, and which risks you can take, same as always.

It’s not necessarily the quickest, but if three toons are dead T3 and the rest are impaired, stunned and/or confused, you can just hit auto most of the time.


Not really an AI problem. If it is a problem.

Shield isn’t necessary, more of an option. Revive is very helpful but not necessary on every team. Depends on the team. I find disarm pretty necessary, though you can build teams that don’t need one. I have viable teams with 2, 1, or 0 of the above options. None are universally useful however. Just my thoughts

This team used to be my go to. It can still do work against non pete teams. With christa as the main damage it cant out damage his heels, but many others dont stand a chance.

I’ve been using this one a bit more against Pete’s as it can pump out much more damage

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Harper’s a great disarm in the current meta, that def and att down is very useful.

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U sure r on d*ugs bro, let the fact that u have a small chance for this to work out therefor u will loose most of the matches (cus tried) what u gonna do if u meet a shield or many characters with absolute defence?
And would u dare to run a full green team without a shield or revive with all the Christas out there?

More to the point, they should shake up what AI does. It’s always doc turn 1, regina turn 2, rock turn 3 (unless he’s rushing). Basically it’s not very intelligent. Just going through the same old motions every time.

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Nice selective quoting there buddy, let me highlight the relevant bit:

Take 60 percent stun resists and you have a pretty decent chance to not get stunned too bad for the two turns it takes you to charge up. Shields and Abs Def, Charlie or some other taunter/confuser. And if everyone has abs def, it’s just the wrong team, and you need something else.

FWIW, I ran the same team with no disarm from late last year until Kapoor was released, relying only on resist mods and one stun cleanse active. It can work quite reliably.

And I never said that I would run greens at all in this meta, and certainly not without a shield.

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Even if you have maxed resist mods u can’t not depend on them surely one or 2 characters will get a negative effect then ur opponent will get the advantage and beat u quickly, if u say so then post some videos u beating the different kinds of teams using the layout u said

Sure, one of them gets stunned sometimes. On the other hand, the opponent will get impaired on Magna, because hardly anyone runs impair resists right now.

It’s not about beating the different kinds of teams, it’s about beating some teams consistently. There was a time for beating everyone with the same team, but you can’t expect that when your opponent has twice your stats.

[ETA] to be fair I mostly use this strategy against easier opponents, where it is more consistent than other teams in which I do run a disarm.

Most consistent performance I found was w priya, christa, harper, ajax n bruce allen cooper. Buff, debuff n bang bang.

Cant get pass that atk team style for weeks lol

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mhm it is a big thinking game for sure and knowing how to leverage your toons is important. I did a video on Guardians recently - I like rick as an attack or defence toon - lot’s to use. Hershel one of my favourite attacking G2 since as you mentioned his buffs and active focus is great. Douglas is used / has been used on attack and D for me but I balance it out with more attackers. Mhm exactly - get the earlier advantage that the opponent can’t recover from.

team synergy is really everything

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if you need some video proof of using mods to beat most opponents quickly I can link you to some videos if you would like. I use Diego, cole, priya S class, james s class and command glenn.

This is what I have been attacking with and beating almost every team I face with the exception of really high end teams. Definitely can be done without shields revives and disarms.
Note:(I’m aware Zander can disarm but I rarely use it because I’m using him to command other toons during his actions)


Priya does most of the killing the other 4 toons are there for crowd control while Priya eats

What ya gonna do then if Priya get stunned impaired or else while rush or by attack? Yh they might be a good again against normal teams can’t be used against harder ones tho