Scopely should help with accidents

So after wasting multiple days back and forth with giving information scopely won’t help with accidental reset of weapons. Why can’t you guys help out players once in a while. It was obviously an accident and I did not mean to do it. I actually thought I had it locked. No wonder so many players have banned together against you. Can’t even help with simple tasks.

Thats on u bb. Should a locked it.

Yep I should have however I locked all of my weapons and did not know it was even unlocked. After I upgrade them to the max regardless how crappy I lock and move on. I found it hard to believe at this one time I did not. I hardly ever reset weapons as well since I have many to choose from. This is my frustration. The day I supposedly reset it I did not reset any weapons for many days. I think it was a bug somehow and scopely did not give any benefit of the doubt. Asking tons of questions and then I answer and then they ask for more and I answer and then after silence for 2 days I get that answer. Their customer service sucks and could have told me from the beginning what they suspect instead of having me go through everything. I am almost certain I did not reset this weapon and it is not the first time I have lost a weapon. Only this one was a stun alert weapon maxed out. How convenient

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