Scopely should compensate us for those who got skulls Illegaly!

Im just waiting for scopely to make one wrong move lol

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Tbh is a very hard desicion I can’t think of a solution myself

I would also like some free stuff


I got free stuff, I’d like more.


So at the root of all this you’re just self hating because you spent money you clearly regret on this game and are advocating punishment for others in an attempt to make yourself feel better about the money you’ve spent.

You need to quit the game dude, sack up and just do it.


I’m guessing you don’t lower def for raids :rofl:

Dude, I didn’t get NEAR such an amount, on those skull tokens, let alone do a pull of said amount!
And after a 10 pull on the wheel, I got 10 4 stars… So maybe stop hating, grow a pair, and ■■■■■■■!

How is this still open?

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